Completed Faculty Senate Motions

Motion 1: General Education Chair Appointment

Motion 2: Appoint Faculty Senate Parliamentarian

Motion 3: Affirm the Vision, Mission, and Values statement

Motion 4: Approve the 2006-07 Faculty Senate Committees memberships

Motion 5: Affirm Committee Charges to the 2006-07 Faculty Senate

Motion 6: Affirm the Governance Resolution

Motion 7: Refer the Assessment Plan Elements and the Evaluating Assessment Plans

Motion 8: Approve the 2007-08 Academic Calandar

Motion 9: Authorize the Handbook Review Committee

Resolution 1: Procedural Guarantees

Motion 10: Membership change in the Faculty Senate Assessment Committee

Motion 11: Membership change in the General Education Committee

Motion 12: Affirm the UWRF Strategic Planning Goals

Motion 13: Confirm the ad hoc Strategic Planning Committees

Resolution 2: Criminal Background Checks

Motion 14: Designate the 2007-09 catalog format

Resolution 3: Gay marriage and civil unions

Motion 15: Replace chair of the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee

Motion 16: Approve a new emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture

Motion 17: Modify the Campus Planning Working Group and the Sustainable Working Group

Resolution 4: Final Exam Week Meetings

Resolution 5: Growth Agenda

Motion 18: Appoint Back-up Chair of the Multi-cultural Advisory SPWG

Motion 19: Set three-year terms for WCWC Faculty Representative

Motion 20: Appoint two members to the Campus Planning SPWG and three to the Sustainable SPWG

Motion 21: Approve the Assessment Plan Elements and Evaluating Assessment Plans

Motion 22: Membership change in the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Motion 23: Approve the Interdisciplinary Minor in CEPS

Motion 24: Approve guidelines for Exemplary Performance Awards

Motion 25: Amend Handbook Chapter 8: Repeated Courses

Motion 26: Approve on a temporary basis additonal courses for the multi-disciplinary category

Motion 27: Amend Handbook Chapter 3: Standing Committees

Motion 28: Criminal background checks on new hires

Motion 29: Recommend revisions to the campus Criminal Background Check Proposal

Motion 30: Approve the initiatives developed by the senate's ad hoc strategic planning working groups

Motion 31: Recommend changes to the Faculty Senate By-Laws; Curriculum Committee changes

Motion 32: Eligibility criteria for administering course evaluations

Motion 33: Amend International Studies Program Committee membership and duties

Motion 34: Reclassify the Disability Advisory Committee as a Senate Committee

Motion 35: Appoint chair of Disability Advisory Committee

Motion 36: New class schedule

Motion 37: Amend Exemplary Service Awards guidelines

Motion 38: Approve new course proposal and course transmittal

Motion 39: Approve Academic Program Assessment Timeline

Motion 40: Create a new Diversity Committee

Motion 41: Approve appointments to the new Diversity Committee

Motion 42: Reclassify the Calendar Committee as a Senate Committee

Motion 43: Approve changes to the Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, amend committee description of the Faculty Welfare and Personnel Policy Committee

Motion 44: Confirm Affirmative Action Advisory Committee appointment terms

Motion 45: Create a combined Learning Resources Committee; disband Instructional Improvement, Library, and Visiting Professor Committees

Motion 46: Make changes to the Athletic Committee's duties, terms, and membership structure

Motion 47: Replace a signature title on Graduate Course Proposal form

Motion 48: Create an ad hoc committee to examine the issue of Faculty Senate representation

Motion 49: 2007-09 Pay plan, 3/5 solid performance, 1/3 merit: replaced by motion 79.

Motion 50: 2007-09 Pay plan, 10% Chancellor's discretion: replaced by motion 80.

Motion 51: Appoint McKenna Schumacher to the Assessment Committee to replace Sean Blackburn for the remainder of his term

Motion 52: Motion to adopt the criminal background check policy

Motion 53: Approve substitutes for Patricia Berg and Cara Rubis

Motion 54: Amend Handbook Section 1.3.5 of Chapter 1

Motion 55: Approve the revised strategic planning initiatives and tasks

Motion 56: Approve the revised strategic planning priorities

Motion 57: Approve a Psychology Department change in major requirements

Resolution 6: Importance of Strategic Planning

Motion 58: Approve an additional item to the list of duties for Diversity Committee

Motion 59: To insert criminal background check language into the Handbook

Motion 60: Support the usage of additional resources to enhance education on the UWRF campus

Motion 61: Support the relationship between the Army ROTC and UWRF

Motion 62: Amend chapter 1 accreditation listing of Handbook

Motion 63: Adopt a new Handbook Introduction: replaced by Motion 65

Motion 64: Establish an ad hoc Committee on Workplace Violence

Resolution 7: Adopt a resolution which recommends that Faculty Senate support the right for collective bargaining

Resolution 8:Request for reassignment time for chair of Information and Instructional Technology Council

Resolution 9: Motion from the Diversity Committee to support a Resolution in Support of Domestic Partner Benefits for State Employees

Motion 65: Add a new introduction to the handbook

Motion 66: Replace the existing language in the handbook Chapter 8, Section 8.2.17

Motion 67: Approve the revised technology committee structures

Motion 68: Clarify the appointment processes

Motion 69: Change the "Responsibilities" of the Faculty and Academic Staff Development Board

Motion 70: Approve the 2009-10 Academic Calendar

Motion 71: Approve revisions to Goal One

Motion 72: If approved by Faculty Senate, allow departments to continue using the Current Goals, Criteria and Outcomes until re-approval or implement the revised Goals, Criteria and Outcomes

Motion 73: Appoint Karen Klyczek as Chair of the General Education Committee for the 2007-08 academic year

Motion 74: Change Speech Communication and Theatre Arts department name to Communication Studies and Theater Arts

Motion 75: Approve program requirement changes to Theatre major and minor, Speech Communications major and Mass Communication Emphasis and minor

Motion 76: Approve a Substantial Major/Minor Content Change in Business Administration MIS option

Motion 77: Amend title "Background Check Implementation Policy" to "Background Check Implementation Plan"

Motion 78: Recommend the nomination of Dr. Gary Rohde to the State Group Insurance Board

Motion 79: Motion from Faculty Salary Committee that 2007-09 pay plan be submitted with 2/3 of any increase for solid performance and 1/3 for merit/market.

Motion 80: Motion from Faculty Salary Committee that the Chancellor follow the example of the majority of other UW-System chancellors and abstain from taking the 10% discretionary fund. (Disapproved by Chancellor)

Motion 81: Second reading of a motion from the Assessment Committee to change its duties.

Motion 82: Revise the faculty personnel decision making process

Motion 83: Recommend that the Administration delay meeting of the University Planning Group until the Faculty Senate is able to consider selection and compliance

Motion 84: Change Calendar Committee Membership

Motion 85: Rename Faculty Salary Committee to Faculty Compensation and change its duties

Motion 86: Marketing Communications Program change

Motion 87: Option B Minor renamed Interdisciplinary Minor

Motion 88: Geography and Mapping Sciences Program change

Motion 89: BS Secondary Education credit change for Communicative Disorders

Motion 90: Political Science Program change

Motion 91: Designate that University Planning Group will have 50% faculty representation

Motion 92: Faculty appointments to the University Planning Group

Motion 93: Faculty appointments to the Student Senate Differential Tuition Advisory Committee

Motion 94: Motin to decouple chair compensation and duties proposals

Motion 95: Revise General Education Mission statement in Handbook

Motion 96: Gen Ed Goal 3

Motion 97: Revise Gen Ed Goal 4

Motion 98: Project Campus/Workplace Violence Policy

Motion 99: Approve proposed department chair compensation

Motion 100: Increase summer salaries by 10 percent. (Disapproved by Chancellor)

Motion 101: Composition of the University Planning Group

Motion 102: Additional faculty appointment, and the University Planning Group

Resolution 10: Recognize Joan Kratt for her contributions to the Senate and UWRF faculty

Resolution 11: Strongly oppose elimination of the colleague coverage benefit

Resolution 12: Classified Staff partipation on the ad hoc Committee on Workplace Violence

Motion 103: Name change for program option in Health & Human Performance

Motion 104: Change in Film Studies minor content

Motion 105: Program change in MS Communicative Disorders

Motion 106: Program change in Modern Language, Education track

Motion 107: Program change in English, Professional Writing

Motion 108: Disability access and accommodation in instructional settings

Motion 109: Policy defining faculty input into administrative decisions affecting academic and co-curricular programs

Motion 110: Assign development of assessment processes for study abroad courses to the International Programs Committee

Motion 111: Appoint Brad Mogen and Tracey Gladstone-Sovell to the University Planning Group

Motion 112: Define faculty appointments to the University Planning Group

Motion 113: Requirement that Senate appoint all faculty members of University-level committees

Motion 114: Funding request for Senate committees (Disapproved by Chancellor)

Motion 115: Nominate Cyndi Kernahan to UW Sytem Institute on Race and Ethnicity

Motion 116: Change Goal 2 in General Education

Motion 117: Handbook change in 8.2.17 Interim Grades

Motion 118: Revision of the 8.2.23 Academic Merit in the Faculty Handbook

Motion 119: Replace Honors Regalia language in 8.2.23 Faculty Handbook

Motion 120: Nominations to the President's 2007 Commission on University Security

Motion 121: Non-recognition of the November 2006 Workplace Violence document

Motion 122: Rewrite Chapter III, 3.2, Article VI, C Election procedures