Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

19th Edition, 2008


Purpose, Handbook Editions, Amendments

Chapter I   Introduction to UW-River Falls

History, University of Wisconsin System, Mission Statements, Educational Design and Objectives, Academic Organization, Accreditation, UWRF Foundation, Financing, Equality of Opportunity

Chapter II  Administrative Organization

Chancellor's Office, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, Chancellor's Advisory Committees, Administrative Committees

Chapter III Organization of the Faculty and Academic Staff

Faculty Governance, Constitution of the UWRF Faculty, Faculty By-laws, Faculty Standing Committees

Chapter IV Faculty Personnel Rules and Procedures of UW-River Falls

Personnel Definitions, Selection of Administrative Personnel, Appointments, Recruitment and Initial Appointment, Renewal and Nonrenewal of Probationary Appointments, Granting Tenure, Promotion Criteria, Promotion Procedures, Periodic Review, Professional Record, Student Evaluation of Instruction, Rules for Nonrenewal Appeals, Dismissals, Layoffs, Termination, Faculty Consultative Committee, Seniority, Procedures for Handling Complaints, Procedures for Handling Grievances, Outside Activities, Procedures for Faculty Sabbaticals

Chapter V Compensation Procedures and Issues

Salary Policies, Merit Salary Increases, Rating Procedures, Fringe Benefits, Sick Leave and Colleague Coverage, Unpaid Leave of Absence, Vacation, Holidays, Faculty Sabbaticals, Americans with Disabilities Act, Travel Guidelines, Emergency Small Loan Fund, Employee Assistance Program, Worker's Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, Termination of Employment

Chapter VI UW-River Falls Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

Coverage, Delegation, Definition, Committee Structure, Appointments, Recruitment, Letters of Appointment and Reappointment, Performance Evaluation, Nonrenewal of Probationary Academic Staff Appointment, Promotion to Indefinite Appointment, Dismissal for Cause, Layoff, Complaints, Grievances, Code of Ethics, Academic Staff with Teaching Responsibilities, Title Change Procedures, Instructional Academic Staff Policy

Chapter VII UWS and UWRF Policies

Non-Discrimination, Equal Employment, Harassment and Other Discriminatory Conduct, Sexual Harassment, Process for Resolution of Complaints of Sexual Harassment or Discrimination, Reasonable Accommodation Policy, Americans with Disabilities Act, Consensual Relationships, Scientific Misconduct, Open Meeting Law, Nepotism, Risk Management, Safety and Health, Injuries, Non-Owned Property on Campus, Direct Payment of Personal Property Losses from Department Funds, Fleet Vehicle Use, Copyright Law, Computer Software Copyright, Administrative Policy Papers

Chapter VIII Academic Standards, Procedures and Policies

Organization and Scheduling of Classes, Grading, Academic Disciplinary Procedures, Extension Courses, Honors Program, Internships, Field Experiences, Cooperative Extension, International Study Programs, Weekend and Evening Degree Program, Advising, Instructional Support and Services, Faculty/Academic Staff Development Program, Teaching/Service Awards

Chapter IX Communications, Media, Publications, and Other Services

Communications and Media, Facilities, Calendar, University Property, Children in the Workplace, Miscellaneous Information of Interest to Faculty, Academic Staff and Students

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