Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

19th Edition, 2008

Chapter III: Organization of the Faculty and Academic Staff

3.1 Introduction

3.1.1 Faculty Governance
3.1.2 Definitions
3.1.3 Faculty Senate
3.1.4 University Faculty
3.1.5 Faculty standing committees
3.1.6 Student Representative in Faculty Governance

3.2 Constitution of the UW-RF Faculty

Article I: General Authority of the Faculty
Article II: Definition of the Faculty
Article III: Powers and Responsibilities of the Faculty

Section A
Section B
Section C
Section D

Article IV: Faculty Organization

Section A
Section B
Section C - Meetings of the Faculty

Article V: Chancellor’s Response

Section A - Chancellor's Response to the Faculty Senate
Section B

Article VI: The Faculty Senate

Section A - Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Faculty Senate
Section B - Organizational Structure of the Faculty Senate
Section C - Election Procedures for the Faculty Senate

C1. Division Elections - Senate Seats
C2. At-large Election - Senate Seats

Section D - Internal Organization of the Faculty Senate/Duties of Faculty Senate Officers

Da. Chair of the Faculty Senate
Db. Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate
Dc. Secretary of the Faculty Senate

Article VII: Amendment and Ratification

3.3 Faculty By-laws

Article I: Authority for Faculty By-laws
Article II: Operation of Committees

Section A
Section B: Meetings
Section C: Methods of Reporting
Section D: General Functions of Committees
Section E: Appointment to Committees

Article III: Standing Committees

Section A: Academic Program and Policy Committee
Section B: Academic Standards Committee
Section C: Advising Committee
Section D: Affirmative Action Advisory Committee
Section E: Assessment Committee
Section F: Athletic Committee
Section G: Calendar Committee
Section H: Disability Advisory Committee
Section I: Diversity Committee
Section J: External Relations Committee
Section K: Faculty Compensation Committee
Section L: Faculty Hearing, Grievance, and Appeals Committee
Section M: Faculty Welfare and Personnel Policies Committees
Section N: General Education and University Requirements Committee
Section O: Information and Instructional Technology Council

Section OI: Instructional and Learning Technology Committee
Section OII: Infrastructure Committee
Section OIII: Information Systems Committee

Section P: International Programs Committee
Section Q: Learning Resources Committee
Section R: Recruitment, Admissions and Retention Committee
Section S: Termination Committee
Section T: University Curriculum Committee