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Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook


Chapter I  
Introduction to UW-River Falls

Chapter II  
Administrative Organization

Chapter III
Organization of the Faculty and Academic Staff

Chapter IV
Faculty Personnel Rules and Procedures of UW-River Falls

Chapter V
Compensation Procedures and Issues

Chapter VI
UW-River Falls Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

Chapter VII 
UWS and UWRF Policies

Chapter VIII
Academic Standards, Procedures and Policies

Chapter IX
Communications, Media, Publications, and Other Services

Past Handbooks


Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

19th Edition, 2008

Chapter V: Compensation Procedures and Issues

5.1 Salary Policies - Procedures

5.1.1 Payroll Instructional Academic Staff Overload Limits for Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff J-term Appointment Summer Session Appointment Department Chair’s Compensation Policy [FS 06/07 #99]

5.2 Merit Salary Increases - Procedures

5.2.1 Responsibility
5.2.2 Pooling of Departments
5.2.3 Appointments in More than One Unit
5.2.4 Special Merit and Equity Pool
5.2.5 Merit Dollars to Departments
5.2.6 Separate Evaluation Procedures
5.2.7 Scope of Authority
5.2.8 Annual Options
5.2.9 Guidelines Required
5.2.10 Availability of List of Ratings
5.2.11 Appeals
5.2.12 Informing of Faculty Members
5.2.13 Across-the-board Adjustments
5.2.14 Promotion Increments
5.2.15 Terminal Degree
5.2.16 Regular Review for Equity
5.2.17 Interpretations and Decisions
5.2.18 Option A: Departmental Merit Committee Procedures
5.2.19 Option B: Department Chair Merit Procedures
5.2.20 Option C: Departmental Merit Distibution Plan

5.3 Merit Rating - Procedures

5.4 Fringe Benefits - Procedures

5.4.1 Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)
5.4.2 Group Health Insurance Supplemental Major Medical and Dental Insurance (Epic Life) Anthem DentalBlue Insurance - DentaCare Supplemental, PPO and HMO Spectera Vision Plan

5.4.3 Life Insurance -State Group Life Insurance Individual and Family Term Life Insurance University of WI Employees Group Life Insurance: Mutual Service Life Insurance Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Uninversity Insurance Association Group Life Insurance Plan Beneficiary Designation

5.4.4 Income Continuation Insurance
5.4.5 Employee Reimbursement Accounts
5.4.6 Tax-sheltered Annuity
5.4.7 Deferred Compensation
5.4.8 Retiree Health Insurance Credits
5.4.9 Long-term Care Insurance

5.5 Sick Leave Use and Reports for UWRF Unclassified Employees - Procedures

5.5.1 Policy Statement Eligibility for Sick Leave

5.5.2 Accrual of Sick Leave
5.5.3 Pro-Ration of Accumulated Sick Leave Accumulated Sick Leave Conversion Benefit

5.5.4 Sick Leave During Summer Session
5.5.5 Amount of Sick Leave to be Charged
5.5.6 Cancellation and Reinstatement
5.5.7 Faculty with Teaching Responsibilities
5.5.8 Use of Sick Leave for Anticipated Medical Absence
5.5.9 Sick Leave Usage Medical Absences Care of Family Member Parental Leave
5.5.10 Maternity Leave
5.5.11 Definition of Family Members
5.5.12 Options for Absences Specified in UWS 19
5.5.13 Reporting Sick Leave
5.5.14 Federal Family Medical Leave Act

5.6 Unpaid Leave of Absence

5.7 Vacation For Annual Appointees - Procedures

5.8 Personal Holidays - Procedures

5.9 Paid Holidays - Procedures

5.10 Faculty Sabbaticals - Compensation Procedures

5.10.1 Purpose
5.10.2 Types

5.11 Americans with Disabilities Act

5.12 Travel Guidelines

5.12.1 Meals
5.12.2 Lodging
5.12.3 Miscellaneous
5.12.4 International Travel

5.13 Employee Assistance Program - Procedure

5.13.1 History
5.13.2 Purpose
5.13.3 Policy Statement

5.14 Worker’s Compensation

5.15 Unemployment Compensation

5.16 Termination of Employment - Procedures

5.17 Military Leave



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