Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

19th Edition, 2008

Chapter IV: Faculty Personnel Rules and Procedures of UW-River Falls

4.1 Personnel Definitions - Faculty Personnel Rules

4.1.1 Academic Unit Augmented Departments for Personnel Decisions

4.1.2 Academic Unit Head
4.1.3 Faculty Appointment
4.1.4 Probationary Appointment
4.1.5 Tenure Appointment
4.1.6 Faculty
4.1.7 Academic Staff
4.1.8 Dean
4.1.9 Chancellor
4.1.10 Vice Chancellors and Deans
4.1.11 Tenuring of Administrators
4.1.12 Middle Management
4.1.13 Department Chair Term Selection Process Timeline for Chair Selection Eligibility to Vote Nomination Procedure Dean's Recommendation Acting Chair Appointments

4.1.14 New Appointment
4.1.15 Academic Year Appointment
4.1.16 Annual Appointment
4.1.17 Summer Session Appointment
4.1.18 J-term Appointment

4.2 Recruitment and Initial Appointment - Faculty Personnel Rules

Chancellor's Statement

4.2.1 Procedures for Recruitment Responsibility of Department Determination of Recruitment Committee Structure

Table Recruitment Committees Preparation of Recruiting Plan Candidates’ Files Screening of Applications Background Check

4.2.2 Procedures for Recommendation Meeting to Determine Candidates Acceptable for Hiring Narrative Report Rrom Recruitment Committee Content of and Response to Narrative Report Procedures if Lack of Agreement Forwarding of Department’s Recommendation Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Decision Procedure if Candidate Declines Tenure Consideration with Initial Appointment

4.2.3 Notification of Initial Appointment Appointment Letter and Years of Experience Notification of Candidates Not Offered Appointment

4.3 Renewal and Nonrenewal of Probationary Appointments - Faculty Personnel Rules

4.3.1 Recommendation From an Academic Unit Time Strictures Voting Eligibility

4.3.2 Criteria for Recommendation Core Criteria Deficiency Departmental Criteria Professional Record Personal Statement

4.3.3 Procedures for Recommendation Names of Probationary Faculty Forwarded to Department by Dean Notification of Probationary Faculty and Department Meeting for Discussion Prior to Vote Voting Procedure Counting of Votes Report of Recommendation Period for Review of Report Disposition of Documents

4.3.4 Disclosure of Recommendation to a Faculty Member Written Notice From Academic Unit to Faculty Member Notification of Probationary Faculty at Each Reviewing Level

4.3.5 Administrative Review of the Recommendation Levels of Review Faculty Member Informed of Chancellor’s Decision Request for Reconsideration

4.3.6 Implementation Dates Associate Professor/Tenure Notice Periods Mid-year Appointment Probationary Faculty Calendar

4.4 Tenure and Promotions - Faculty Personnel Rules

4.4.1 General Timing of Tenure Recommendation Criteria for Early Tenure Decision Criteria for Delayed Tenure decision Leave of Absence or Sabbatical Other Circumstances That May Delay Tenure Decision

4.4.2 Procedure
4.4.3 Review and Rectification of Denial of Tenure For Impermissible Factors Procedures For the Review and Rectification of Denial of Tenure on Basis of Impermissible Factors

4.4.4 General Criteria for Promotion Specific Criteria for Promotion to Associate Professor Procedure for Promotion to Associate Professor Specific Criteria for Promotion to Professor Procedure for Promotion to Professor Qualifications for Promotion Promotion Procedures

4.5 Periodic Review - Faculty Personnel Rules

4.5.1 Post-tenure Review of Professional Activities of Faculty
4.5.2 Conducting the Review
4.5.3 Challenging the Review Procedures: Post-tenure Review Timeline Table: Post-tenure Review Calendar

4.5.4 Professional Record Procedures
4.5.5 Student Evaluation of Instruction Introduction Uses of the Uniform Survey Results Uniform Survey Instrument Recommendation for Further Evaluation

4.6 Rules for Nonrenewal Appeals - Faculty Personnel Rules

4.6.1 Authority to Review
4.6.2 Request for Review
4.6.3 Burden of Proof
4.6.4 Scope of Review (Impermissable Factors)
4.6.5 Proceedings Before the Committee
4.6.6 Committee Report
4.6.7 Continued Jurisdiction
4.6.8 Final Decision

4.7 Standing Committee For Dismissals, Layoffs, and Terminations - Faculty Personnel Rules

4.7.1 Termination Committee

4.8 Faculty Consultative Committee and Rules on Seniority -Faculty Personnel Rules

4.8.1 Faculty Consultative Committee
4.8.2 Seniority

4.9 Procedure For Handling Complaints - Faculty Personnel Rules

4.9.1 Committee Defined
4.9.2 Complaints Defined
4.9.3 Procedure Submission of Complaint Notification of Faculty Member Request for a Hearing Time Limit for Hearing Closed/Open Hearing Information Considered by Committee Presence of Concerned Faculty Member Presumption of Innocence Report of Committee’s Findings

4.9.4 Decision of the Chancellor
4.9.5 Preclusion of Double Jeopardy

4.10.Procedure For Handling Grievances - Faculty Personnel Rules

4.10.1 Other Grievances
4.10.2 Committee Defined
4.10.3 Procedure Notification of the Committee Chair by Faculty Member Initial Hearing Decision to Dismiss Grievance Decision to Investigate Grievance Preparation and Submission of Written Report by Committee

4.10.4 The Chancellor's Responsibility
4.10.5 Access to the Board of Regents

4.11 Faculty Personnel Rules - UWS Guidelines for Reporting Outside Activities Under UWS 8.025

4.11.1 Reporting Report Form Definitions Reportable Activities

4.11.2 Outside Activities
4.11.3 University Responsibilities
4.11.4 Definitions Extensive, Recurring or Continuing Activities Substantial Outside Activities

4.11.5 Reporting
4.11.6 Review and Action Forwarding of Reports Dealing with Activities Determined Excessive or Improper

4.11.7 Appeal
4.11.8 University Equipment and Services

4.12.Faculty Sabbatical Procedures

4.12.1 Purpose
4.12.2 Types One Year One Semester

4.12.3 Eligibility Criteria Requirement to return to UWRF

4.12.4 Requirements
4.12.5 Conditions
4.12.6 Selection of Sabbatical Leave Recipients

4.13 Emeritus Status: Criteria, Procedures, Privileges

4.13.1 Criteria for Awarding Emeritus Status
4.13.2 Requirements
4.13.3 Procedures
4.13.4 Privileges