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Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook


Chapter I  
Introduction to UW-River Falls

Chapter II  
Administrative Organization

Chapter III
Organization of the Faculty and Academic Staff

Chapter IV
Faculty Personnel Rules and Procedures of UW-River Falls

Chapter V
Compensation Procedures and Issues

Chapter VI
UW-River Falls Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

Chapter VII 
UWS and UWRF Policies

Chapter VIII
Academic Standards, Procedures and Policies

Chapter IX
Communications, Media, Publications, and Other Services

Past Handbooks


Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

19th Edition, 2008

Chapter VI: Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

6.1 Coverage and Definition: UWRF

6.1.1 Coverage
6.1.2 Definition

6.2 Committee Structure of the Academic Staff: UWRF 2

6.2.1 Academic Staff Council
6.2.2 Other Committees

6.3 Academic Staff Appointments: UWRF 3

6.3.1 Types of Appointments
6.3.2 Official Personnel File
6.3.3 Operational Area
6.3.4 Notice Periods

6.4 Recruitment: UWRF 4

6.4.1 Position Vacancy
6.4.2 Recruitment-Procedure
6.4.3 Search and Screen Committee Structure

6.5 Letters of Appointment and Reappointment: UWRF 5

6.5.1 General information to be included in Letter of Appointment-Reappointment
6.5.2 Additional Information to Accompany Letter
6.5.3 Employment Contract Review

6.6 Performance Evaluation: UWRF 6

6.6.1 Instructional and Non-Instructional Academic Staff Performance Evaluation Guidelines

6.7 Nonrenewal of a Probationary Academic Staff Appointment: UWRF 7

6.7.1 Commencement of Consideration Process
6.7.2 Reasons for Nonrenewal
6.7.3 Appeals on Nonrenewal Decision
6.7.4 Scope of Review (Impermissable Factors)
6.7.5 Conduct of Hearing
6.7.6 Findings Report
6.7.7 Deadlines

6.8 Promotion to Indefinite Appointment: UWRF 8

6.8.1 Promotion to Indefinite Appointment
6.8.2 Dean or Division Head's Action on Recommendation for Indefinite Appointments
6.8.3 Appeal Process when Non-Promotion Results in Nonrenewal

6.9 Dismissal of Academic Staff for Cause: UWRF 9

6.9.1 Dismissal for Cause for Indefinite Academic Staff Appointments
6.9.2 Constitutional Rights and Professional Responsibilities
6.9.3 Responsibility for Dismissals
6.9.4 Opportunity for Hearing on Dismissal
6.9.5 Hearing Body
6.9.6 Conduct of Hearings
6.9.7 Decision by the Chancellor
6.9.8 Suspension from Duties
6.9.9 Date of Dismissal
6.9.10 Board of Regents Review
6.9.11 Dismissal for Cause, Fixed Term or Probationary Academic Staff Appointments
6.9.12 Dismissal for Cause for Instructional Members of the Academic Staff

6.10 Layoff of Academic Staff For Reasons of Budget or Program

6.10.1 General
6.10.2 Layoff
6.10.3 Individual Layoff Decision
6.10.4 Review and Hearing
6.10.5 Layoff Status
6.10.6 Alternative Employment
6.10.7 Reappointment Rights
6.10.8 Retention of Salary
6.10.9 Rights of Academic Staff Members on Layoff

6.11 Complaints: UWRF 11 (UWS 13.01)

6.11.1 General
6.11.2 Complaints Defined
6.11.3 Procedure
6.11.4 Chancellor's Decision
6.11.5 Decision

6.12 Grievances: UWRF 12 (UWS 13.02)

6.12.1 General
6.12.2 Council
6.12.3 Procedure
6.12.4 The Chancellor's Responsibility

6.13 Code of Ethics: UWRF 13

6.13.1 Declaration of Policy
6.13.2 University Responsibilities
6.13.3 Action to Avoid Possible Conflict
6.13.4 Outside Activities and Interests; Reports
6.13.5 Appeal
6.13.6 University Equipment and Services

6.14 Academic Staff With Teaching Responsibilities: UWRF 14

6.14.1 General

6.15 Other Provisions: UWRF 15

6.15.1 Existing Rights
6.15.2 Reinstatement of Contracts for Academic Staff
6.15.3 Privileges
6.15.4 Complaints

6.16 Procedures: Academic Staff Promotion/Title Change

6.16.1 General Procedure

6.17 Procedures: Instructional Academic Staff Employment Policy

These practice guidelines have been withdrawn while they are being updated and revised.



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