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Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook


Chapter I  
Introduction to UW-River Falls

Chapter II  
Administrative Organization

Chapter III
Organization of the Faculty and Academic Staff

Chapter IV
Faculty Personnel Rules and Procedures of UW-River Falls

Chapter V
Compensation Procedures and Issues

Chapter VI
UW-River Falls Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

Chapter VII 
UWS and UWRF Policies

Chapter VIII
Academic Standards, Procedures and Policies

Chapter IX
Communications, Media, Publications, and Other Services

Past Handbooks


Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

19th Edition, 2008

Chapter VII: UWS and UWRF Policies

7.1 General Policy Statement on Non-Discrimination

7.2 Chancellor's Equal Employment Policy Statement

7.3 Chancellor's Statement on Non-Discrimination

7.4 Harassment and Other Discriminatory Conduct

7.5 Sexual Harassment

7.5.1 Introduction

7.6 Process for Resolution of Complaints of Sexual Harassment or Discrimination

7.6.1 The Investigative Process
Informal Resolution
Educational Programs
Formal Complaint

7.7 Reasonable Accommodation Policy

7.7.1 Purpose

7.8 Americans with Disabilities Act

7.9 Statement on Consensual Relationships

7.10 Scientific Misconduct

7.10.1 Policy and Definition
7.10.2 Procedures

7.11 Open Meeting Law

7.12 Nepotism

7.13 Risk Management Policy

7.14 Safety and Health Policy

7.15 Injuries

7.16 Non-Owned Property on Campus

7.16.1 Employee Property
Non-Employee Owned Property
Direct Payment of Personal Property Losses from Department Funds

7.17 Fleet Vehicle Use

7.17.1 Policies

7.18 Copyright

7.18.1 Copyright Protections
7.18.2 Limitations on the Scope of Copyright Protection
7.18.3 Types of Works Protected By Copyright
7.18.4 Notice of Copyright
7.18.5 Duration of Copyright and Materials in the Public Domain
7.18.6 Fair Use
7.18.7 Copyright in the Digital Age Digital Millenium Copyright Act TEACH Act

7.19 University Policy - Computer Software Copyright Violation

7.20 Administrative Policy Papers

7.21 Board of Regents Policies



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