Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

19th Edition, 2008

Chapter II: Administrative Organization

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Chancellor's Office

2.2.1 Athletic Director
2.2.2 Athletic Policy
2.2.3 Assistant to the Chancellor for Equity, Compliance, and Affirmative Action
2.2.4 Special Assistant to the Chancellor
2.2.5 Executive Director of University Advancement Development and Alumni Relations Director

2.2.6 Public Affairs Director

2.3 Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Coordinator Global Connections Director Grants and Research Director
Institutional Research Director Library Director

2.3.2 Assistant to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Academic Success Center Director Career Services Director

2.3.3 Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Services Admissions Director Financial Aid Director Registrar

2.3.4 Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Director, Graduate Studies
2.3.5 Academic Deans
2.3.6 Dean of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences Laboratory Farms Director

2.3.7 Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Gallery 101

2.3.8 Dean of the College of Business and Economics
2.3.9 Dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies Field Experience Director Educational Technology Center Director

2.3.10 Outreach Director Pigeon Lake Field Station Senior Manager Survey Research Center Director

2.3.11 Department Chairs

2.4 Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

2.4.1 Budget Director
2.4.2 Campus Planner
2.4.3 Controller
2.4.4 Facilities Management Director
2.4.5 Human Resources Director
2.4.6 Internal Auditor
2.4.7 Information Technology Services Director/Chief Information Officer
2.4.8 Kansas City Chiefs Camp Coordinator
2.4.9 Public Safety Director Security Officers Parking

2.4.10 Purchasing Services Director Purchasing Risk Management

2.4.11 Publications Director
2.4.12 Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
2.4.13 St. Croix Institute for Sustainable Community Development
2.4.14 Wisconsin in Scotland-West Central Wisconsin Consortium Director

2.5 Chancellor’s Administrative Groups

2.5.1 Executive Cabinet
2.5.2 Chancellor's Cabinet
2.5.3 Faculty Governance Group
2.5.4 Administrative Assembly

2.6 Administrative Committees

2.6.1 Audit and Review Committee
2.6.2 Faculty/Academic Staff Development Board Mission Statement Administration of the Program Responsibilities of the Board Committee Responsibilities Teaching Committee Research Committee Faculty Professional Development Committee Academic Staff Professional Development Committee University-wide Initiatives Committee

2.6.3 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
2.6.4 Institutional Competition Committee
2.6.5 Institutional Review Board/Human Subjects Committee
2.6.6 Re-classification Committee
2.6.7 Space Management and Facilities Planning Committee Membership Rationale Duties Reporting

2.6.8 University Planning Group Charge to the Committee Membership Steering Committee Functions of the Steering Committee

2.6.9 Former Administrative Committees Calendar Committee Commission on the Status of Women Disability Advisory Committee Enrollment Management Committee Long-range Planning Committee University Budget Committee University Committee on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Concerns