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Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook


Chapter I  
Introduction to UW-River Falls

Chapter II  
Administrative Organization

Chapter III
Organization of the Faculty and Academic Staff

Chapter IV
Faculty Personnel Rules and Procedures of UW-River Falls

Chapter V
Compensation Procedures and Issues

Chapter VI
UW-River Falls Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

Chapter VII 
UWS and UWRF Policies

Chapter VIII
Academic Standards, Procedures and Policies

Chapter IX
Communications, Media, Publications, and Other Services

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Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

19th Edition, 2008

Chapter I: Introduction to UW-River Falls

1.1 History

1.2 University of Wisconsin System

1.2.1 Board of Regents
System Administration

1.3 Mission Statements

1.3.1 University of Wisconsin System Mission
1.3.2 University Cluster Core Mission
Select Mission of the University of Wisconsin- River Falls
Shared Vision and Expectations of the Academic Community at River Falls
Vision and Values
1.3.6 Strategic Planning

1.4 Educational Design and Objectives

1.4.1 Educational Objectives
1.4.2 Plan 2008: Educational Quality Through Ethnic and Racial Diversity
1.4.3 General Education Mission General Education Goals, Criteria, and Outcomes

1.5 Academic Organization

1.5.1 The College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
The College of Arts and Sciences
The College of Business and Economics
The College of Education and Professional Studies
Graduate Studies
Continuing Education

1.6 Accreditation

1.7 UW-River Falls Foundation

1.8 West Central Wisconsin Consortium

1.9 Budgeting

1.10 Equality of Opportunity




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