Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

19th Edition, 2008

Chapter VIII: Academic Standards, Procedures and Policies

8.1 On Freedoms and Responsibilities

8.1.1 Load
8.1.2 Professional Competence

8.2 Academic Standards

8.2.1 Scheduling of Classes
8.2.2 Syllabi
8.2.3 Prerequisites
8.2.4 Special Course Fees
8.2.5 Admittance to Class
8.2.6 Auditing Classes
8.2.7 Pass-Fail Privilege for Undergraduate Students
8.2.8 Drop/Add Policy
8.2.9 Student Withdrawal
8.2.10 Religious Observances
8.2.11University Sponsored Off-Campus Activies and Field Trips
8.2.12 Special Events and Convocations
8.2.13 Final Examinations
8.2.14 Final Grades
8.2.15 Grades and Honor Points
8.2.16 Incompletes
8.2.17Interim Grades: Incomplete, Satisfactory Progress
8.2.18 Student Appeal of Grades or Other Academic Matters
8.2.19 Suspension & Probation Policy
8.2.20 Repeated Courses
8.2.21 Test-Out Program
8.2.22 College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Examinations
8.2.23 Commencement Participation Policy
8.2.24 Academic Merit
8.2.25 Academic Honors Regalia
8.2.26 Conversion of Incompletes Prior to 1190 and 2002
8.2.27 Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures
8.2.28 165+ Credit Surcharge
8.2.29 Granting Honors Program Credit in Specific Cases

8.3 Outreach (Extension) Courses

8.4 Honors Program

8.4.1 Eligibility Standards
8.4.2 Requirements for Completion
8.4.3 Credit Requirements
8.4.4 Honors Courses
8.4.5 Honors Thesis/Project
8.4.6 Service Learning Component
8.4.7 Events
8.4.8 Benefits for Students
8.4.9 Benefits for Faculty/Departments
8.4.10 Benefits for the University

8.5 Professional Experiences, Internships, Field Experiences, Cooperative Extension

8.5.1 Defining Full-time Status for Students Participating in Internships Academic Semesters of Fall and Spring Summer Term

8.6 International Study Programs

8.7 Advising

8.7.1 Advisor Assignment Undergraduate Students Graduate Students

8.7.2 Advising Information and Procedures
8.7.3 Advisor/Advisee Agreement Responsibilities of Advisors in the Advising Process Responsibilities of Students in the Advising Process

8.7.4 Graduation Requirements Undergraduate Student Load Excess Load Grades Long-range Planning

8.7.5 American Cultural Diversity and Global Perspectives Course Requirements American Cultural Diversity (D) Global Perspectives (G)

8.7.6 Advising Aids ACT Profile Sheets Placement Tests Individual Testing

8.7.7 Access to Records
8.7.8 Annual Schedule of Advising Introduction Prospective Students Freshmen and Transfer Students Continuing Students

8.7.9 Advisors and Lost PINs

8.8 Instructional Support and Services

8.8.1 Textbook Services Policy Ordering Desk Copies Customized Class Materials

8.8.2 Library Chalmer Davee Library Checking Out Library Materials Reserve Service Reference Services Library Instruction Computer Access Laptop Checkout Area Research Center (ARC) and University Archives Interlibrary Loan and Universal Borrowing Study Areas Government Documents Audio Visual Materials Curriculum Material Collection (CMC) Magazines, Scholarly Journals and Newspapers Collection Development

8.8.3 Bookstore
8.8.4 Instructor Supplies

8.9 Informational Technology

8.9.1 Organization and Staffing
8.9.2 Information Technology Services Network Services Computer Support Services Information Systems Electronic Repair Television Services

8.9.3 Student Affairs IT Student Affairs Administration FredNet

8.9.4 Other Technology Functions Technology Leadership Cadre Library Departmental Systems

8.9.5 Technology Environment Network Environment Server Environment Desktop Environment Instructional Technology Environment Applications Environment

8.10 Academic Benefits, Opportunities and Rewards

8.10.1 Faculty/Academic Staff Development Program
8.10.2 Reimbursement of Fees

8.11 Teaching/Service Awards

8.11.1 The Distinguished Teacher Award
8.11.2 Advisor of the Year Award
8.11.3 Outstanding Faculty Awards
8.11.4 The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

8.12 Honorary Degrees

8.12.1 Criteria
8.12.2 Degree Designations
8.12.3 Limitations
8.12.4 Honorary Degree Committee
8.12.5 Procedures
8.12.6 Approval Process