Portfolio Introduction

Please ensure that you are familiar with the following information as you complete your portfolio:

  1. Any student applying for a license after 9/1/04 MUST turn in a certification portfolio on CD for checking. ENDORSEMENT FOR LICENSURE IS BASED ON THE COMPLETE PORTFOLIO. The Dean’s Office will check all portfolios to ensure they contain everything required for licensure. No evaluation or assessment of the quality of the completed portfolio will take place.
  2. Contents of this certification portfolio (as opposed to a job portfolio, a reflective portfolio, a showcase portfolio that you may also have):

    a. 3-10 artifacts. Each of the Ten Wisconsin Teacher Standards must be supported by one of the artifacts. These artifacts must come from the matrix created for your program by faculty, and each must have been approved by a faculty member.

    b. 10 reflections, each of which explains in detail how the artifact demonstrates that you have met one of the Ten Wisconsin Teacher Standards. Refer to the Evaluation Rubric to be sure that you have the correct reflections.

    c. Your student teaching evaluation rubric(s), no longer needs to be scanned into the portfolio. You evaluations can be turned in as a hard copy.

    d. An introductory page that provides your name and contact information and links to the above items.

    e. Note that the artifact you submit for Standard One will show that you know HOW TO TEACH content knowledge. Your completion of your major/minor and your success on Praxis II show that you have the content knowledge itself. Therefore, artifacts that display your content knowledge NEED NOT be included in the portfolio.
  3. No one can be licensed who has not turned in a Teacher Certification Portfolio, completed all relevant coursework successfully, including student teaching, and received a qualifying score on the Praxis II. A date when portfolio checking will begin will be announced each semester. It will be AFTER the first student teachers complete their student teaching semester. You should not ask your cooperating teacher to complete the evaluation rubric before your student teaching ends.
  4. Each student is responsible for completing and providing the above materials prior to licensure. The TLC is not responsible for ensuring that students complete them. The TLC will provide access to the support students need to complete them. This does not include creating the portfolio for the student or providing services at unscheduled or inconvenient times.
  5. Early in the semester you will receive information about how faculty will be “signing off” to indicate that the work in the portfolio has their approval.
  6. Checking the portfolio will NOT include aesthetic or web design quality. It will simply ensure that the expected material is accessible on the CD. The TLC should help students ensure that the portfolio they burn to CD has all working links.