Ancient Geological Field Trips

Snaps from the past

Liz Derby's WSU talk (1993)


Puncture in Wyoming (1992)


Requia Gutter and Matt Hendrickson give papers at Fossil Butte (1992)


Our Group at Bingham Canyon Mine (1992)


Flaming Gorge (1992)


Michele Huppert at Craters of the Moon (1992)


The group at the Petroleum Museum, Midland Texas (1989)


Wendy Farden at the Texas Flatiorns (1989)


Becky Koepke at the WSU conference (1988)


Kate Witthun at the WSU conference (1988)


Steve Koehler at the WSU conference (1988)


Eric Kovatch at the WSU conference (1988)


Boquillas Canyon, BBNP (1989)


Wendy & Curt in Boquillas Cyn (1989)


Scott Carney on the NW Trip (1986)


Jerry Post on the NW Trip (1986)


Structural Geology at Baraboo (1987)


Weird Guy at Craters of the Moon (1986)


Geology students at the Black River Falls Tri State (1983)


Sue Zittelman at Thomson Dam (1983)


Dan Bauer, 1978 WSU trip


Jim Oberli, 1978 WSU trip


Glenn Bruck, 1978 WSU trip


Diane Schwetz, 1978 WSU trip


Jay Gilbertson, 1978 WSU trip
compare with now

Kathy Koskelin, 1978 WSU trip


Sue Gilbert, 1978 WSU trip


Wendy Peterson, 1978 WSU trip


and the three Profs, 1978 WSU trip