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 The group in Ernst Tanaja, BBNP Liz & Erin see their first fold, Blakely Dam, AR
  Neil at the mine in Oklahomao   Looking at sed structures - Wister Spillway, OK
  Neil at the Lequire roadcut..   Looking for tree fossils
  Liz with anticline -Arbuckles   Crossing the road
  Pertoleum Museum, Midland Snake in Pauluxy River
    Colin, Brett, Erin & Roy the younger   Randy, Angela & Kyle
    Roy, Sam & Christina in the Pauluxy River   S fold, OK
  Persimmon Gap Klippe   Boquillas Canyon & fault
  Folding in Ernst Tinaja, BBNP   The Tinaja itself
  Reflections Ian in Ernst Tanaja
  Leaving Ernst Tinaja   Bonnie, Angela & Liz in the canyon
Colin (almost) in Mexico April in a tree
Setting off for the window, BBNP Guadalupe Mountiains
Soft sediment deformation, Brushy Canyon, near GMNP Bret finds a column in CCNP
Looking at an intrusion, Davis Mountains Sunset at Monahans SP