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 On the rocks at Curt Gowdy  To the fault
 Green River below FG dam   David in the grid
  Kelly & her tent   Dan on Antelope Island - with gnats
  Antelope Island panarama   Camp
  Bananas & PB, anyone? Train at Golden Spike NM
    Rick Springs in Logan Valley   Chelsea at Craters otM Dynamic duo
    Ryan emerges from the lava tube   Lava blister with friends
  Do NOT approach the animals!   Hoty water enters the Firehole River, YNP
  Cold Eric, Hor Spring   Thermal pool, Yellowstone
  Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel (NOT a Chipmunk) The Yellowstone Inn
  Bison in OUR campground   Dan & Chelsea'
Ward shows us Montana Soft sediment turbidite deformation
Our camp in Ward's back yard. Yum Yum!