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Our bear in Yellowstone Our bear & kids
Nick & his bison   Bobby & his stick at the salt flats
  Bomb at Craters NM   Yellowstone camp
  Wyoming rest stop   Coyote in Yellowstone
  Our tame van dinos Dino display @ DNM
    Drag fold in the Bighorn Mts   Dynamic duo
    Moose in Yellowstone   Moose in Yellowstone
  Shoshone Falls   Fault @ Gold mine
  Flaming Gorge Dam   Grizzly bear, Yellowstone
  Group @ Sherman Mts Group @  Flaming Gorge
  Group @ DNM   Group at ~11,000'
Help! *&!@*  Traffic!!!!
Katie can fit in the cave. Yum Yum!
Group @ Mine Mirage
Nik in Yellowstone Ian @ fault
hand print Grand Prismatic pool
pumpjack Rainbow in Yellowstone
Check out these rocks! Is it hot here?
just a little nap Another 500  miles
Steve at the mine Talk
Josh, Travis & Jackie Morning at Devils Tower
View towards Buckboard Don't walk off the path!