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Professor Receives Funding For Heart Failure Research

Oct. 8, 2010--Assistant Professor Cheng-Chen Huang at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls has been awarded nearly $40,000 to continue his research to discover new chemical compounds to combat heart failure.Huang

Huang’s project, “Characterization of Potential Drugs for Heart Failure Using a Zebrafish Embryo Model,” has the potential to discover new medications for heart failure in humans due to the similarity of the cardiac physiology of both zebrafish embryo and human hearts.

“Using zebrafish embryos, we are able to see if a chemical works very quickly, and it’s very low cost,” says Huang. “If we were to test these chemicals with mice, it could take months and be very expensive.”

This is Huang’s second consecutive year receiving a grant to continue his research.

“Eventually, we hope we can isolate chemicals that might become a new heart failure drug,” says Huang. “This funding helps us prepare for a larger project and expand our chemical libraries.”

UWRF students are involved in the project. Those working on the project will be involved at every step, including breeding the fish, setting up chemical treatments, and evaluation and analysis.

“Students need to have hands-on opportunities,” says Huang. “Having a research opportunity allows them to review and reinforce the concepts they learn in the classroom.”

The grant was awarded by the WiSys Technology Foundation. Established in 2000 as an affiliate of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the WiSys Technology Foundation works hand-in-hand with the University of Wisconsin System to support research and technology development.

For more information, contact Huang at 715-425-3591 or at cheng-chen.huang@uwrf.edu.


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