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UW-River Falls To Renovate Four Classrooms

May 6, 2010-- The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is taking modernization to a campus level with plans for the renovation of four campus classrooms.  Funds for the remodeling were distributed from Madison through the UW Systems Board of Regents.

UWRF is receiving its largest renovation fund ever, with more than a million dollars being awarded to the school for its progressive classroom plans.  Some five million dollars in the program’s budget were divided between campuses within the UW system.

UWRF is receiving one of the largest funds due to its impressive campus submission proposal. The funds will go to modernize four classrooms on campus:  Room 205 North Hall, Room 120 South Hall, and lecture halls 200 and 231 in the Agricultural Science building.

Plans for renovation include new flooring, furniture, temperature controls, and technology modernization. Campus Planner Dale Braun says classroom plans will follow similar sustainability principles the campus has already implemented.

“We’re planning on doing what we can to remain as green as possible,” says Braun. Most exciting for Braun and others on the committee is the effects such remodeling will have on the teaching experience. “Above all, we want to provide modern technology for modern learning.”

Chair of the Facilities Development Committee Matthew Fitzgerald says that this year’s doubled budget couldn’t have happened without campus-wide input. “Getting everyone involved was important to discussion on what needs the most care in these remodels.”

Classroom modernization is also going to expand department class sizes as well. Renovations to South Hall’s Room 120 will allow the College of Business and Economics to use South Hall as its focus building for nearly all its business courses.

“It will be nice because CBE can have its classrooms back and the College of Education and Professional Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences can return to their main buildings as well,” says Fitzgerald.  

Plans to start the remodeling have already begun, and actual development will begin in the summer of 2011. For more information on the campus classroom renovations, contact dale.k.braun@uwrf.edu.


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