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UWRF Students Attend ‘Posters in the Rotunda’

May 3, 2010--Seven UW-River Falls students will attend the seventh annual “Posters in the Rotunda” event at the Capitol Rotunda in Madison on May 5 to share their original research with legislators and other state leaders.

The students will join more than 100 University of Wisconsin System undergraduates from all 26 UW System campuses at the Capitol. State leaders will have the opportunity to view poster presentations of the research projects, speak with students and faculty members, and learn more about how this experience enriches the educational experience. 

Students attending from UWRF include:

Bryan Bodrog, a senior psychology major from Hudson, will present his poster, “A Comparison of the Attitudes, Education Experience, and Engagement of Military Veterans and Nonveteran College Students.”

Kyle Jero, a senior mathematics and physics major from Marshfield, will present his poster, “The Oden Ice Breaker Calibration Cruise: Extending the Icetop Array for Solar Study.”

Jennie Maciosek a senior majoring in political science from Stillwater, Minn., will present her poster titled: “Do Specific References and Words Matter to the Public?  State of the Union Addresses and Presidential Job Approval Rating.”

Victor Piazza, a post-graduate student with a degree in biotechnology from UWRF, will present his poster,“Tissue and Cellular Characterization of Long-Term Cardiac Artificial Tissues Cultured in 3D Using Natural ECM Materials.”

Brittany Lee, a senior animal science and biology major from Chatfield, Minn., will present her poster, “Modeling Complex Cervical Carcinoma Cell-Derived Structures in 3D ‘Artificial Tissue’ Cultures.” 

Ted Cannady a senior agriculture business major from Milwaukee, will present his poster, “Analysis of Estimated Costs and Investment Feasibility of Transitioning to an Ellepot Production System.”

Jennifer Haug, a senior TESOL major from Manitowoc, will present her poster, “2009 UWRF Climate Change Survey, co-authored by Jonathan Lyksett, and Cory Heaton.

As the UW System works to increase the number of graduates by 30 percent over the next 15 years, many campuses are expanding opportunities for undergraduate research as one way to boost retention and graduation rates.  Considered a “high impact practice,” this kind of experience has a significant impact on student success in college, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement. 

More information on the event, including a list of all participating students, is available at http://www.wisconsin.edu/posters.


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