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Students Participate in Research Showcase


DEC. 7, 2007--The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Society for Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities (SURSCA) held its 6th Annual "Gala Evening of RSCA" on Nov. 14. This year, attendees viewed posters and displays from more than 26 student and faculty presenters representing 13 different departments or programs in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.

Keynote speaker Chancellor Don Betz spoke about the quality and quantity of undergraduate research across campus and its valuable attributes.

"The RSCA evening focuses the university's attention on the solid research of our students and the important mentoring relationships they enjoy with members of the faculty," Betz said. "These relationships produce unique learning opportunities and prepare the involved students for graduate study and the responsibilities of their first positions in their respective fields. Many in the United States see this type of learning as the effective pedagogy of the 21st century."

Faculty and staff members involved included Provost Connie Foster, who spoke about SURSCA's history on campus, and William Campbell, director of grants and research at UW-River Falls, who presented certificates of appreciation to the 2007-08 SURSCA officers. Frequent research mentor and Biology Professor Timothy Lyden announced the beginning of the new "Falcon Grants" program on the SURSCA web site, psychology professor Travis Tubre, psychology professor, Richard Seefedlt, and music professor, Thomas Barnett.

The following research, scholarly or creative activities were presented at the gala:

"Environmental Consciousness: What It Is, and How It Can be Influenced?" - Ashley Styczynski , Pulaski, Wis., senior, sociology major

"Pitfall Trapping as Initial Bioinventory of Epigeic Arthropods at Rocky Branch Remnant Prairie in Pierce County, Wisconsin"- Tim Pearson, Eau Claire, Wis., senior, biology major and Marcus Fields, River Falls, Wis., senior, conservation major

"Visual Soil Structure, Soil Strength, and Aggregation in Organic Matter Plots"- Mandy Liesch, Kaukauna, Wis., senior, international studies major

"Efforts to Analyze Nutrient Management Without the Use of Commercial Fertilizer"- Amy Robak, Oak Park, Minn., sophomore, conservation major

"Regional Autonomy or Nation-States: Political Identity of Karen in Burma 1948-1989"- Hsajune Dyan, St. Paul, Minn., history major

"Relationship Between Perceptions of Current and Ex-partners: An Application of Possible Others" - Ashley Thompson, Blaine, Minn., senior, psychology major

"Plasmonic Nano-Lithography Using Absorbance Modulation"- Devin Underwood, Wasilla, Ark., senior, physics major

"In Vitro Modeling of Early Embryonic Hematopoiesis"- Rebecca Cote, Rhinelander, Wis., senior, biotechnology major

"Development if Artificial-tissues (ATs) from Early Avian Embryonic Cardiac Tissues Strongly Implies a Contribution Form Fetal Stem Cell Populations"- Rebecca Cote, Travis Cordie, Woodbury, Minn., Senior, biotechnology major; Chris Wenig, Chilton, Wis., Undergrad

"Artificial Tissue Development in 3D Cultures Leads to Stable Phenotypic Changes in Trophoblast Cells"- Danae Helton, Fridley, Minn., junior, biology major

"The Study of Early Avian Thoracic Neural Crest Cells and Neural Tube Region Tissues in 3-D Artificial Tissue (ATs) Cultures"- Chris Wenig, Travis Cordie, Rebecca Cote

"Characterization of Avian Embryonic Artificial-tissues (ATs) and Monolayer Cultures of Mesenchymal Origin Derived from Early Long Bone Rudiments"- Erik Wood, New Richmond , Wis., sophomore, biology major, Michelle Willette, Tory Schaff

"Artificial Tissues (ATs) From Early Avian Embryonic Neural Tissues: Studies to Examine the Presence and Potential Role of Early Neural Stem Cells Within this New In-vitro Tissue Model System"- Chris Wenig, Travis Cordie, Michelle Willette, Tory Schaff

"The Culture of Early Avian Lung Samples as 3-D Artificial Tissues (ATs)"- Michelle Willette, Travis Cordie, Chris Wenig, Tony Schaff

"Evidence of the 'Mitotic Catastrophe' Programmed Cell Death Pathway in Testing of Synthetic Compounds"- Curtis Rykal, Chippewa Falls, Wis., Senior, chemistry major; Tracy Nelson, Roberts, Wis., Senior, sociology major, Danielle Tucker, Amanda Miller, Caroline Martin, Nicole Salwasser

"Efficacy of Oral Electrolyte Supplementation for Growth Enhancement of Weanling Piglets"- Paula Matuszak, Hudson, Wis., senior, math major

"Concentration Dependence of the Freezing Point for Strong Electrolytes in Water"- Martha O'Brien, Hudson, Wis., Senior, math major

"Printmaking in the Sun"- Ann Lawton, New London, Wis., Senior, art major

"The 'Unspeakable Crime' Avenged: Lynching Coverage in a Southern Newspaper, 1884-1930"- Samantha Wenwoi, Minneapolis, Minn. , senior, journalism major

"Metamorphosis of FEAR"- Mona Schomas, Hudson, Wis., sophomore, marketing communications major

"Activity of Synthetic Capsaisin Analogs on the Vanilloid Receptor, TRPV1"- Karen Pederson, Stillwater, Minn., senior, chemistry major; Lee VanderMarliere, Beldenville, Wis., senior, biotechnology major

"Using Narrow Versus Broad-Band Personality Traits in the Prediction of Aggressive Driving"- Rachel Alden-Anderson, Lakeland, Minn., senior, psychology major, Melissa Sylvester, Bryan Edwards

"Advanatges of Adaptive Optics"- John O'Brien Schroeder, Hudson, Wis., senior, physics major

"Biochemical Purification and Characterization of the Major Polyadenylate Binding Protein present in Xenopus laevis Embryos"- Victor Piazza, River Falls, Wis., senior, biotechnology major


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