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Students Participate in Undergraduate Research Gala

By Meghan Dusek
UWRF University Communications


DEC. 15, 2006--The Society for Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities (SURSCA) at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls recently hosted the Fifth annual "Gala Evening of RSCA"on campus.

The organization allows students to perform undergraduate research and prepare for advanced degree opportunities and professional career opportunities that utilize research skills.

"Undergraduate research is emerging as an institutional value and priority," said Chancellor Don Betz. "This means that we will be encouraging research as an effective way of teaching and learning. UW-River Falls is well suited for such a methodology given our historic devotion to personalized education. SURSCA exists due to the diligent work of the supportive, mentoring faculty and our Director of Grants and Research, Bill Campbell."

Students who presented posters and other creative or scholarly works at the event, include:

College of Arts and Sciences


            Garrett Beremann, Bloomington, Minn., presented "Public Mural."

            Ashley Pray, Somerset, Wis., presented "Hand Made Dye Crayons."

            James Schieck, Austin, Minn., presented "Changes in Flight."

            Kyle Thompson, Osceola, Wis., presented "A Metamorphosis of Imaginative Hobbies from Youth to Present."


            Hannah L. Anderson, Ellsworth, Wis., presented "Antibiotic Sensitivity of Escherichia coli Isolated, Purified and Tentatively Identified from Wastewater."

            Travis Cordie, Woodbury, Minn., presented "Long-term 3-dimensional Cultures of HEK-293 Cells Demonstrate Clear Evidence of Tissue-like Differentation."

            Kara Nelson, River Falls, Wis., presented "The Effect of Drainage Tile on Stream Ecological Integrity: A Comprehensive Water Quality Study and Bioassessment of Benthic Macroinverebrates in Clay County, Iowa."

            Karen O. Pederson, Stillwater, Minn., presented "Testing Capsaicin Analogs by Calcium Influx and Fluorescence Analysis."

            Tory Schaaf, Prior Lake, Minn., presented "Primary Nervous Tissue Growth and Potential Development in 3D Cultures."

            Christopher Wenig, Chilton, Wis., presented "Artificial Tissue Development in 3D Cultures Leads to Stable Phenotypic Changes in Trophoblast Cells."


            Pete Tufigno, Wyoming, Minn., presented "The Changing Face of Lake Street."


            Travis Getzie, Ellsworth, Wis., presented "Investigation of Growth Temperature Effects on ScN Thin Films."

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Animal Science

            Miranda Bauer, Wauseau, Wis., presented "Frequency of the Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency Mutation Among Foal Necropsy Samples."


            Jim Magolski, New London, Wis., presented "Growth and Carcass Parameters of Hogs Finished in a Deep-bedded Hoop Structure vs. a Confinement Structure."

            Crystal Mathisrud, Ellsworth, Wis., presented "Reconstructing the Late Jurassic Paleoenvironment through Chronostratigraphic Correlation of Morrison Formation Subsurface Well Logs, Outcrops, and Fossil Bearing Layers in the Eastern Bighorn Basin."

Plant and Earth Science

            Amy Robak, Oak Park, Minn., presented "Efforts to Analysis Nutrient Management Without the Use of Commercial Fertilizer."


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