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Arts and Sciences Students Receive Research Funds

DEC. 7, 2006--The College of Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence has awarded almost $4500 to student research projects. The grants are relegated to undergrads researching under a CAS faculty member and are designed to support student participation with faculty in educational opportunities beyond the classroom.

The fall 2006 recipients and their respective areas, projects, advisors and co-investigators are:

Humanities and Fine Arts

Art: Sarah Engen, South St. Paul, Minn. Project Advisor: Morgan Clifford. Engen will apply the award towards attending the Annual International Surface Design Association Conference in Kansas City, MO and present work in conference exhibition, "The Sum of the Parts."

Music: Simon Traynor, Beldenville, Wis. Project Advisor: Thomas Barnett

Co-Investigators: Michael Defenbaugh, Pine City, Minn.; Michael Freedman, Maple Grove, Minn.; Jason Eldridge, St. Paul, Minn.; Rachel Burns, Mazeppa, Minn.;   Jesse Talbot, Anoka, Minn.; Jamie DeGolier, Comstock, Wis.; Nathan Hintz, Scandinavia, Wis.; Katelyn Peterson, Milaca, Minn.; Dan Goldsmith, New Brighton, Minn. These trumpet studio students will visit one area school a month to introduce students and faculty to what is available on campus, as well as present a wide variety of musical literature from many periods. The funds will go to purchasing new literature and provide travel expenses.

Sciences and Mathematics

Biology: Mitra Naserai, River Falls, Wis. Project Advisor: Kim Mogen. Supplies for research project on bacteria-destroying virus to control bacterial infection in bean sprouts will be acquired with the award money.

Broad Field Science and Physics: Ann Deml, Medford, Wis. Project Advisor: Earl Blodgett. Co-Investigator: Matthew Blodgett, Boyceville, Wis. The award will go towards attending the American Association of Physics Teachers and American Astronomical Society joint winter conference to present. M. Blodgett will demonstrate the Gauss Gun he constructed, which launches a ferromagnetic projectile using a pulsed electromagnet. Deml will present the results of her summer internship working with the ComPADRE outreach web site.

Chemistry: James Herbison, Tomahawk, Wis. Project Advisor: Karl Peterson. The award money will be used to purchase materials for the study of a chemical process that contributes to the synthesis of the incarvillateiene molecule.

Chemistry: Lucas Stolp, New Richmond, Wis. Project Advisor: David Rusterholz. The award money will go towards chemical analysis on 11 compounds synthesized in summer 2006.

Physics: Justin Smith, St. Paul, Minn.   Project Advisor: Matthew Vonk. The plan for the award money is to purchase materials for, design and construct a robot that will balance on two wheels.

Physics: Michael Tate, Muskego, Wis. Project Advisor: Lowell McCann. Materials will be purchased to build and examine a device called a "quantum eraser," which has applications as an encryption device that makes interception of transmitted data physically impossible.

Katherine Ward, Hudson, Wis. Project Advisor: Glenn Spiczak. Co-Investigator: Cadie Boyung, West Bend, Wis. Ward and Boyung plan to use the award to purchase a Coronad PST, Personal Sonar Telescope to investigate its capabilities while documenting observations of a wide range of solar phenomena during a waxing phase of solar activity.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Psychology: Rhiana Wegner, Prescott, Wis. Project Advisor: Travis Tubre. Wegner will present research examining gender differences in coping responses to same-sex and opposite-sex sexual harassment at the Annual Conference of the Midwest Psychological Association in Chicago.


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