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Student Plan Katrina Film & Assistance

By Justine Benzen
UW-RF University Communications

FEB. 24, 2006--Students from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls will be traveling to Mississippi during spring break 2006 to create a video production that explores and promotes the work being done by UW-RF volunteers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Students who are participating in the production will be students of assistant Professor of speech communication Evan Johnson's Special Topics in Speech class.  

Part of the course will consist of students "applying" for and being assigned roles in a field production team that will travel to Mississippi to document UW-RF efforts. The team will be responsible for planning, writing, shooting and editing a finished piece, which will be approximately six minutes in length. The University will then use the piece in a variety of promotional efforts.

"This is a great opportunity to make a difference and do things away from campus," said Johnson.

The class will bring their own equipment and work to collaborate a finished piece. When the class returns to Wisconsin, the team will edit footage and assemple the finished piece.

The balance of the course will consist of students creating an individual audio/visual and/or written reflection on both their production work and service learning experience.

Johnson says this opportunity will give students an understanding and appreciation of how video production can be used to make a difference in the world.

Students in the class must attend all classes throughout the semester, but will chose between one of three academic plans where they work on the field production full time over spring break; split their time between field production responsibilities and UW-RF volunteer work; or not go on location during spring break but be assigned additional responsibilities during the pre- and post-production of the film.

The class will travel in rented cars and vans; cost for transportation, lodging and some meals for the trip will be around $100.

"This will give students experience with the creative challenges of making this kind of project in the real world, while producing a piece that the University can use to tell its story," said Johnson. "It gets students involved in different ways."


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