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Area Youth Attend College for Kids at UW-RF

JULY 29, 2005--Each morning for two weeks in July, about 150 are kids attended the College for Kids Program at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

College for Kids is one of several summer academic enrichment programs for elementary and secondary students at the University. Students entering grades 4-6 are nominated to participate by their schools on the basis of high academic potential, motivation and talent.

Courses are taught by highly qualified community members, UW-RF faculty and faculty from other schools including the University of Minnesota and area public schools.

This year's course offerings included "Solving Mysteries with Chemistry," "Computer Anatomy 101," "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: Mystery Writing for Kids," "Exploring the Chinese Language and Culture," and many other topics.

Listed by hometown, participants for the 2005 College for Kids program include:
Allyssa Jeska Amery WI
Lauren A Steinhoff Amery WI
Lee Utecht Amery WI
Idris M Aileru Baldwin WI
Katelyn J Dobson Baldwin WI
Zoe Jennings Baldwin WI
Larissa L LaFavor Baldwin WI
John Rumpel Baldwin WI
Travis Shackleton Baldwin WI
Tyler Weyer Baldwin WI
Kaina J Zygowicz Balsam Lake WI
Ashley N Zimmer Bay City WI
Taylor A Caldwell Ellsworth WI
Brady A Degross Ellsworth WI
Allison Huppert Ellsworth WI
Rebecca A. Matzek Ellsworth WI
Lucas Green Hager City WI
Jada Holst Hager City WI
Ashley Schwarzhoff Hager City WI
Jake Bonte Hammond WI
Melissa Brunshidle Hammond WI
Stephen Brunshidle Hammond WI
Luke M DeGross Hammond WI
Tanner DeGross Hammond WI
Shaylyn M Lyksett Hammond WI
Carl J Moll Hammond WI
Joe C. Pace Hammond WI
Sara A Hague Houlton WI
Colton E Parks Houlton WI
Cally T Ahlin Hudson WI
Elijah J Baumgartner Hudson WI
Maddie Brekke Hudson WI
Alex Briesemeister Hudson WI
Noah C Burns Hudson WI
Susanne Bushman Hudson WI
Jace K. Cook Hudson WI
Jonathan D Crowley Hudson WI
Jeff V. Dahl Hudson WI
Hannah Dewey Hudson WI
Caelan P Drigans Hudson WI
Breanna M Ellstrom Hudson WI
Megan Haney Hudson WI
Eric Hebert Hudson WI
Emma S Johnson Hudson WI
Floyd B Johnson Hudson WI
David P Kocik Hudson WI
Alyssa Kreye Hudson WI
Andrew Leines Hudson WI
Chandler MacSwain Hudson WI
Wade Malecha Hudson WI
Connor C Mcgill Hudson WI
Max W Mckenzie Hudson WI
Lauren P Meade Hudson WI
Megan Nelson Hudson WI
Erin O'Brien Hudson WI
Mai Li E O'keefe Hudson WI
Abbey Ober Hudson WI
Ashley L Ober Hudson WI
Aaron J Omernik Hudson WI
Alexander T Romberg Hudson WI
Mitch Rosiejka Hudson WI
Sam Rosiejka Hudson WI
Dane Rudy Hudson WI
Michael Scott-Walsh Hudson WI
Stef C Smith Hudson WI
Reese D Takkunen Hudson WI
Phillipe Thao Hudson WI
Vincent Thao Hudson WI
Katie Thielmann Hudson WI
Andrew Traeger Hudson WI
Corinne Urban Hudson WI
Robert K Villafania Hudson WI
Annie Volk Hudson WI
Tyler S Wasbotten Hudson WI
Karl Wertheimer Hudson WI
Erin Wetzstein Hudson WI
Kaitlyn Wetzstein Hudson WI
Chase Zweifel Hudson WI
Isabel Rich Menomonie WI
Mitchell P Johnston Milltown WI
Heather Halvorsen New Richmond WI
Emily Morales New Richmond WI
Hayden Nelson New Richmond WI
Emma Rehnelt New Richmond WI
Thomas Tenner New Richmond WI
Sydney A Zahradka New Richmond WI
Shane Ballard Osceola WI
Donita J Cottor Osceola WI
Laura A Neumann Osceola WI
Anna T Smith Osceola WI
Maddie A Smith Osceola WI
Jacob M Stelter Osceola WI
Camilla Thorsland Osceola WI
Casey Raethke Pepin WI
Charles G Raethke Pepin WI
Ellie M Raethke Pepin WI
Terri M Donahe Plum City WI
Brady Myer Plum City WI
Cameron S Cruz Prescott WI
Isaak S Ingalls Prescott WI
Rebecca J Ingalls Prescott WI
Peter Ironside Prescott WI
Greta A. Lapcinski Prescott WI
Charlie Shafer Prescott WI
Isabel Shafer Prescott WI
Maddie Shafer Prescott WI
Matthew Buchholz River Falls WI
Phillip Conklin River Falls WI
Eric Dartsch River Falls WI
Kaitlynn E Graven River Falls WI
Jarek L Kwiatkowski River Falls WI
Austin Lynum River Falls WI
Jens Myklebust River Falls WI
Reilly Myklebust River Falls WI
Schuyler H Sowa River Falls WI
Sarah Stern River Falls WI
Shabnam Tabesh River Falls WI
Shawyun Tabesh River Falls WI
Zack Toftness River Falls WI
Kaija Warner River Falls WI
Alesha Wickersham River Falls WI
Annie Yelk River Falls WI
Aaron C Delander Roberts WI
Tyler Feyereisen Roberts WI
Sara L Gibb Roberts WI
Yasha Hoffman Roberts WI
Emily Hoyer Roberts WI
Logan Nygaard Roberts WI
Matthew J Smith Roberts WI
Kayla Hansch Somerset WI
Malia N Triebold Somerset WI
Liam C Dangeur Spring Valley WI
Nicholas S. Jensen Spring Valley WI
MaKenna Johnson Spring Valley WI
Sophia Koch Spring Valley WI
Tanner Mathiesen Spring Valley WI
Milly A Wood Spring Valley WI
Sienna Wood Spring Valley WI
Noah J. Risch Stockholm WI
Hannah K Borgeson Woodville WI
Tana L O'keefe Woodville WI
Tyler J O'keefe Woodville WI
Colton A Sander Woodville WI



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