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Students Present Research at National Conference

By Molly Exner
UW-RF News Bureau

MAY 6, 2005--Forty-one UW-River Falls students along with seven faculty members presented projects at the19th annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) on April 21 in Lexington, Va.

UW-RF made its fourth appearance at the NCUR event, mirroring the four years the UW-RF Society for Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities (SURSCA) has been at the forefront of enhancing the scholarly culture on campus through fostering student participation in professional activities.

With a total of 35 presentations, UW-RF was the fourth largest school that presented posters and oral presentations on subjects ranging from political and social science to molecular biology and mathematics.

SURSCA faculty advisor and biology Professor Timothy Lyden said faculty and administrators from across the country commented extremely favorable about the University's presentations and quality of its students, not to mention the size of its contingent.

"Researching and presenting their findings gives students the chance to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom in a hands-on and minds-on experience," said Lyden.

The national conference is held at a different location each year. This year drew 250 universities across the nation and consisted of some 1,750 presentations in a celebration of undergraduate research and scholarly and creative activity.

SURSCA administrator and advisor Bill Campbell says, "We are very proud to have these students represent the University, especially when they had such a dominant presence at the conference."

The UW-RF McNair Scholars Program also spent its fourth year participating in the NCUR and contributing to the SURSCA. The McNair program helps assist and fund students working toward an eventual Ph.D., in their related field of study.

Faculty and staff accompanying Lyden were McNair Program Advisor Robin Boles, biology Professor Karen Klyczek, chemistry assistant Professor Ross Jilk, and chemistry Professors Karl Peterson and David Rusterholz.

The following list consists of students and faculty who presented projects at the NCUR in Lexington, Va.

River Falls, Wis.—Barfknecht, Sarah: chemistry major
River Falls, Wis.—Lucachick, Hillary: Post—Baccalaureate Degree
River Falls, Wis.—Gunderson, Andrew: biotechnology major
River Falls, Wis.—Guthman, Justin: chemistry major
Kaukaung, Wis.—Dawson, Kevin: chemistry major
Port Elizabeth, Wis.—DeBruin, Lyzanne: biology major
Ellsworth, Wis.—Earney, Matthew: chemistry major
Somerset, Wis.—Gryczkowski, Michelle: psychology major
Hudson, Wis.—Knowlton, Joyce: geography major
Green Bay, Wis.—Magestro, Molly: English major
River Falls, Wis.—Nelson, Zachary: geology major
Dresser, Wis.—Pederson, Stacy: chemistry major
Amery, Wis.—Pierce, Michael: certification
Ettrick, Wis.—Reincke, Sarah: chemistry major
Medford, Wis.—Riggle, Andrew: biology major
Pickett, Wis.—Schimmel, Sarah: biotechnology major
Glidden, Wis.—Schuelke, Matthew: psychology major
Verona, Wis.—Scudder, Kendra: biology major
River Falls, Wis.—Thoresen, Nels: political science major
Prescott, Wis.—Westerberg, Tina: chemistry major
Deer Park, Wis.—Zemke, Brianna: chemistry major

Rogers, Minn.—Betker, Bethany: chemistry major
Woodbury, Minn.—Caruso, Maria: biology major
Cambridge, Minn.—Dankers, Lea: chemistry major
Oakdale, Minn.—Johnson, Alexander: biology major
Lakeland, Minn.—Malmgren, Lisa: chemistry major
White Bear Lake, Minn.—Mayer, Kelsey: chemistry major
St. Paul, Minn.—Nelson, Tracy: biology major
Oakdale, Minn.—Olson, Abigail: biology major
Shoreview, Minn.—Olson, Eric: biotechnology major
Duluth, Minn.—Salmela, Michael: biology major
St. Paul, Minn.—Salwasser, Nicole: biotechnology
Minneapolis, Minn.—Schmitt, Melissa: biology major
Minneapolis, Minn.—Searls-Anderson, Colin: biotechnology major
Wells, Minn.—Theede, Megan: biology major
Glencoe, Minn.—Thissen, Jaime: environmental science major
St. Paul, Minn.—Vang, Mary: pre-professional major

Sudan, Africa—Gbee, Leon: sociology major
Deer Park, Tx.—Goodwin, Rachel: chemistry major
Kiribati, Gilbert Islands—Kautu, Bwarenaba: biology major
Surat, India—Shah, Spandon: biotechnology major



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