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Local High School Students Enrolled at UW-RF

By Justine Benzen
UW-RF News Bureau

MARCH 24, 2005--Thirty-nine students from area high schools are jump-starting their college careers, taking college-level courses at UW-River Falls through a Wisconsin program known as Youth Options.

The Youth Options program opens the door to greater learning opportunities for students who are considering technical careers, students wishing to begin college early, or students who want to prepare to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation.

According to UW-RF Assistant Director of Admissions George Hansen, the program allows junior- or senior-level students to apply to their home school district to take university courses. Typically they take classes that their high school doesn't offer or advanced courses if they have already taken all the courses offered in a subject at their home school.

If the school board approves the course, the student does not have to pay tuition, and the student will receive both high school and postsecondary credit for a successfully completed course.

Students can take a maximum of 18 credits through the Youth Options program. Once a student reaches the credit limit, the student is responsible for tuition for any additional college courses taken while still in high school. If a student fails or withdraws from a Youth Options program course, the student must reimburse the local school district for the cost of the course.

"Students must be in the top quarter of their high school class before being admitted to the University, and there must be space available," said Hansen. "University students in degree programs are given priority for course registration."

The most common courses that Youth Options program students take are in foreign language, mathematics and geology. Students have also taken courses in animal science, English, environmental science and management, economics, history, music theory, philosophy and psychology.

Students generally take one or two courses per semester at the University, while continuing to take required courses at their high school.

Students enrolled in the Youth Options program from Ellsworth High school include: Jared Hines, Anne Janisch, Brittney Nelson and Corie Reeck.

Students from Hudson High school include: Janna Fosterling, Bryan Heth, Rebecca Roeglin, Derek Schlei, Jeffrey Talsness, Rebecca Van Den Meerendonk and Brady Wernlund.

Students from River Falls High school include: Gloria Anderson, Christine Berres, Robert Hagen, Chelsey Hauk, Blake Hawthorne, David Heller, Travis Johnson, Marissa Marple, Jesse Rees, Thomas Rusterholz, Ashley Schorn and Tascha Stanaitis.

Students from St. Croix Central High School include: Kristine Brunshidle, Aaron Huberty and Aaron Kaltenberg.
Students from Somerset High School include: Michael Booher, Caitlin Dulon, Travis Lippman, Jacob Mitchell, Brian Plourde, Mary Ann Plourde, Catherine Schmitt and Kendra Steinlicht.

Richard Schiell from Amery High School is enrolled the program along with Christopher Balow from New Richmond High School, Erika Soltis from Osceola High School, Angela Mitchell from Pepin High School, and Krista Stenerson from Prescott High School.

For more information on the Youth Options program at UW-RF contact George Hansen at 715/425-3500. Students and parents may also contact their high school counselor or call the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction at 800/441-4563.


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