Monday, August 20, 2007
University Center, Rush River Room

Members: Mark Kinders, Kevin Bertelsen *, McKenna Schumacher, Ellen Schultz, Michael Martin, Travis Tubré, Sarah Egerstrom, Brad Gee, Amy Lloyd, Gretchen Link, Jason Neuhaus

* Absent
() Substitute

Call to Order, seating of Substitutes: 2:05 pm
Note: Gee will be abroad fall semester and is seeking a council substitute. Substitute will be assigned by next meeting.

Approval of Minutes for the May 21, 2007 meeting: Moved by Tubré. Seconded by Link. Unanimously approved.

Chair's Report (M. Kinders):
Opening Events- Chancellor has asked Kinders to speak at the All Campus Opening Program. He will ask each of us to stand and be recognized. For more information on the opening day events visit http://www.uwrf.edu/administration/openingweek/welcome.htm

Meeting with Chancellor-
Kinders met with the Chancellor to discuss business items and learned:
" No action steps have been taken on the revisions to part 2, 11, or 12 of the Academic Staff Handbook due to Kathy Schultz's departure from HR.
" Chancellor would like to be invited to a future meeting.

Living the Promise: Egerstrom is Academic Staff Rep. Connie Foster will present an update on Monday at the All Campus Opening Program. Currently we have a strategic plan, but the campus needs to define the process. Going forward the committee will be evaluating growth opportunities, establishing a resource reallocation process, and evaluating budgeting and prioritization models.

Campus Safety: Aftermath of Virginia Tech, Kevin Reilly put together a safety commission that just released a safety report. There were two initiatives to come out of the report:
" Request for each campus to have a campus-wide discussion, but it does not specify that campus governance needs to be utilized
" Armed Public Safety Officers, but it does not look like funding will be provided to assist with this

Board of Regents: Regents will be on campus October 4th and 5th. Kinders recommended that council members attend as many of the scheduled meetings and events while they are on campus as possible.

Campus Recognition: U.S. News and World Report and the Princeton Review recently recognized UW-River Falls as one of the top schools in the Midwest!

Representative's Report (J. Neuhaus):

Substitute Needed: Neuhaus needs a sub for Thursday, November 15th meeting in Madison. Contact Jason as soon as possible (ext. 4444 or jason.neuhaus@uwrf.edu).

Diversity Committee: A UW System Diversity Committee was just created. It is a year long committee and Academic Staff Council members have the ability to serve on it. More details to come.

Legislative Update (M. Kinders):
Conference Committee Meeting: Kitty Rhoades is one of the negotiators. Kinders encouraged contact with her. Both chambers continue negotiations between their two versions of the budget. Little progress has been made. Main points of contention are:
" HHP building; should go through
" South Fork Suites has not been approved
" An agreement between both chambers has been reached on establishing a 4% cap on tuition
" No money available yet for staff raises
" $2.8 million budget cut, which is 5% of base for GPR

Continuing Business:
New Staff Orientation Session (A. Lloyd and M. Schumacher):
New one hour session has been added to the New Faculty/Staff Orientation program that is specific for new Academic Staff members. Session overview:
" Ice Breaker- people bingo
" Panel- Mark Kinders and Nan Jordahl will serve as panelists. HR is unavailable to serve, so Wendy is compiling necessary information.
" Jens will arrive to take group photos with Freddy

Handbook Revisions:
Section 6: Kinders will follow-up with Alicia Acken Cosgrove
Section 8: Link is still awaiting information from HR.
Section 14: Gee will try to get done before departing. Follow-up with Deb Schwab is needed.

New Business:
NCA Review: There is still time to evaluate and offer feedback on the self-study. The third draft should be coming out the end of this week or beginning of next. When reviewing, look for gaps and factual errors because entire chapters have been rewritten since the last draft.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by Link. Seconded by Gee. Meeting adjourned at 2:43 p.m.