Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Alicia Acken Cosgrove, Carmen Croonquist, Sarah Egerstrom, Kimberly Gould-Speckman, Mark Kinders, Gretchen Link, Jason Neuhaus, Cara Rubis, Amber Tubré, Travis Tubré

Members Absent:

Call to order at 2:03 PM

Approval of 3/20/06 and 3/30/06 minutes. Motion made by T. Tubré. Seconded by C. Croonquist

Chair's Report (S. Egerstrom)

Change in Timing of Academic and Classified Staff Awards
The announcement and presentation of these awards will be moved to the fall (instead of spring). This move will help separate these awards from all the student recognition awards and it allows these awards to be part of the Campus Opening Meeting.

Strategic Planning Process Underway
A team has been developed. More information is to come.

Representative's Report (K. Gould-Speckman)

Minutes from the 4/20/06 meeting of Academic Staff Representatives are attached and available at:

Legislative Update (M. Kinders)

Taxpayers Protection Amendment
The campus meeting held on Monday, April 10th greatly influenced Senator Sheila Harsdorf. S. Harsdorf was previously undecided and now agrees that the TPA should not be in the Constitution. All three versions will come to the floor for a vote. Currently, things are looking positive for the campus.

New Business (S. Egerstrom)

UWS7 Faculty/Academic Staff Disciplinary Procedures
ASC reviewed the current document and provided feedback. This feedback will be submitted to UW System at the beginning on May.

Continuing Business

Update on Academic Staff Orientation and Continuing Professional Development Opportunities (T. Tubré, A. Acken Cosgrove)
Currently, there are 9 responses to the needs assessment survey. The survey closes on May 11th. After that date, data will be collected and a report will be developed. A grant was submitted for Continuing Professional Development opportunities.

Update on Elections (A. Tubré)
The votes have been counted. Kevin Bertelsen and Brad Gee won the election and will be asked if they accept to be on the ASC.

Speaker Coming to Campus (K. Gould-Speckman)
Margaret Lewis will be at the UW-Stout Academic Staff Council meeting on May 9th to talk with them about how they can build better relations with the legislature. If anyone is interested, we are invited to attend.

Adjourned at 3:22 PM. Motion made by J. Neuhaus. Seconded by K. Gould-Speckman. Unanimously approved.

2005-06 University of Wisconsin System
Council of Academic Staff Representatives
Minutes from UW System Academic Staff Representatives Meeting - Thursday, April 20, 2006

Judith Blackstone, UW-Eau Claire; Samantha Surowiec, UW-Green Bay; Deborah Veglahn, UW-LaCrosse; Read Gilgen, UW-Madison; Jon Lenichek, UW-Milwaukee; Rick Haskey, UW-Parkside; Cyndi Reuter, UW-Platteville; Kimberly Gould Speckman, UW-River Falls; Julie Schneider, UW-Stevens Point; Vi Jones, UW-Stout; Donna Dahlvang, UW-Superior; Michael Cohen, UW-Whitewater; Dave Carlson, UW Rock County; Mike Wilson, UW-Extension; Bill Steffenhagen, UW-Madison (ASPRO President); Sal Carranza, UW System Administration; Ron Singer, UW System Administration; Bob Jokisch, UW System Administration; Lynn Paulson, UW System Administration; Al Crist, UW System Administration; Freda Harris, UW System Administration; Pat Brady, UW System Administration; Margaret Lewis, UW System Administration

Bryan Bain, UW-Oshkosh

Minutes of the March 16, 2006 meeting were approved.

Associate Vice President Ron Singer summarized the April Board of Regents meeting. UW-Green Bay, as host campus, had two major presentations. The first presentation was to the Education Committee on teacher education. The second presentation, to the Board as a whole, was on the Growth Agenda. This presentation showed the importance of the Green Bay campus to the community and the need for the institution to grow in the future. Also included in the Education Committee was a presentation on Program Planning and Program Array, which showed that the program array has not increased over time. Other major items on the agenda included Charter School proposals, Minority and Disadvantaged Student Annual Report, and Sexual Assault Response and Prevention.

For the May Board of Regents meeting, Ron Singer noted that the Governor will be addressing the Board on Friday, while other agenda items include the Board of Regents Academic Staff Excellence Awards, an Update on Diversity in the UW System, the 2007-09 Biennial Budget Request, the Annual Report of the Wisconsin Partnership Fund for a Healthy Future, Teacher Education and Diversity, and the UW-Oshkosh Growth Agenda.

Bill Steffenhagen provided an update on ASPRO. ASPRO testified in the legislature against the collective bargaining bill because it separates faculty and academic staff pay plans. ASPRO is also trying to set up meetings with United Council to discuss common directions for the Budget and with Representative Kreibich regarding his bill which would provide guaranteed admission, move funds between campuses, and reward campuses for economic development. Bill also noted that there has been more positive press for the UW System of late and thanked President Reilly for his work in that area.

Regarding the Academic Staff Leadership Conference, the Council was informed that President Reilly is not available on the date chosen. Suggestions were made to have a Regent speaker such as Regent Crain and Executive VP Don Mash. Inviting legislators was discussed while noting the difficulty with their changing schedules and the need for balance.

Assistant Vice President Lynn Paulson then discussed Per Credit Tuition with the Council. The Chief Business Officers have a strong interest in moving to per credit tuition. The Provosts are also interested in pursuing per credit tuition, but asked for information on the experience in other states. Issues discussed included the experience at UW-Milwaukee of a drop rate in the plateau that is twice the drop rate outside the plateau and part-time students subsidizing full-time students under the present tuition structure.

Associate Vice President Al Crist discussed draft revisions to Unclassified Personnel Guidelines (UPGs) 2, 3, & 4, dealing with limited employees. These changes reflect Regent action in the fall. Questions were raised about the role of academic staff in the development of these policies. Al Crist also informed the Council about the downsizing of staff in UWSA Human Resources. AA/EEO is one of the areas impacted.

Associate Vice President Freda Harris discussed President Reilly's presentation to the Board of Regents in February on the Growth Agenda. One of the major initiatives under the Growth Agenda is the Wisconsin Covenant, which includes additional financial aid for low income students who sign a pledge agreeing to take a college curriculum and stay out of trouble. The Growth Agenda also includes institutional initiatives focusing on access, student success and retention, and workforce development.

General Counsel Pat Brady, Associate Vice President Margaret Lewis, and Associate Vice President Ron Singer discussed the status of the Faculty/Academic Staff Disciplinary Process with the Council. Responses from campus governance groups are due on May 5. A summary of the inputs received to date was shared with the Council. Issues raised on the Disciplinary Process included:
" How do you define misconduct?"
" Process appears too fast."
" Suspension without pay."

Pat Brady noted that the rule-making process takes six to nine months. Margaret Lewis noted that the legislature could reject the proposed rule and pass other legislation.

Regarding AB1147, Margaret Lewis noted that this legislation was proposed to help us, and that a similar bill for K-12 institutions was vetoed by the Governor. It did not appear at this time that the bill would pass. A question was raised as to whether there are federal laws in place which would overturn AB1147.

Regarding the Taxpayer Protection Amendment, there appears to be decreasing support for a constitutional amendment.

Highlights of Roundtable:
UW Colleges: The new Extension/Colleges Chancellor has started. Colleges is part of the nationwide review of first year programs. There is a new library at the UW Rock County campus.

UW-Extension: The Growth Agenda includes an e-learning initiative focusing on adult students and increasing baccalaureate degrees in the State.

UW-River Falls: Representative Rhoades and Senator Harsdorf visited the campus. The Chancellor's inauguration is next week and a search for the new Provost is underway.

UW-Parkside: Faculty development luncheon with local superintendents and first year experience.

UW-Green Bay: Major remodeling of the sports center is underway. Under the Growth Agenda, UW Green Bay plans to increase enrollment from 5,500 to 7,500.

UW System Administration: Dealing with major budget cuts.

UW-Milwaukee: Research Growth Initiative and Access to Success, focusing on improving retention while providing increased access to students in the Milwaukee area.

UW-Whitewater: President Reilly and Regents showcased the campus during the inauguration of the new Chancellor. The Chancellor also met with academic staff about multiple year contracts. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Rep. Baldwin were on campus for Government Week.

UW-Madison: The Assembly passed a mandatory promotion/review process and opposed SB452. A new Provost has started on campus.

UW-Platteville: President Reilly dedicated a new Dairy Center. The number of students from the Tri-State Initiative are increasing and the new Residence Hall is opening.

UW-LaCrosse: New Chancellor search, proposal to increase tuition, accreditation review, new Residence Hall, and legislative listening sessions.

UW-Stout: Provost search

UW-Eau Claire: New Chancellor starts in June. Community Forum was very favorable. RA Bible Study issue has calmed down.

UW-Superior: For the professional development grants, there were many more grant applications than funds. Celebrated National Student Employment Week.