Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2006

Members Present: Alicia Acken Cosgrove, Sarah Egerstrom, Kimberly Gould-Speckman, Gretchen Link, Jason Neuhaus, Cara Rubis, Amber Tubré,
Members Absent: Carmen Croonquist, Mark Kinders, Travis Tubré

Call to order at 2:08 PM

Approval of 12/19/05 minutes. Motion made by G. Link. Seconded by A. Tubré.

Representative's Report (K. Gould-Speckman)

Minutes from the 1/19/06 meeting of Academic Staff Representatives are online

Documents in regard to the Resident Assistant Working Group are also attached.

New Business


  • Campus Community meeting is set for Tuesday, January 31 st in the Abbott Concert Hall from 4 5 PM.
  • Retirement party for June Schubert is on Tuesday, January 24 th in the Alumni Room from 2 4 PM.

Continuing Business

Update on Academic Staff Orientation and Continuing Professional Development Opportunities

A. Tubré reported on the Academic Staff Orientation/Mentoring Team meeting held on Wednesday, January 18th . Wendy Sader received a checklist from Kathy Schultz for the team to review in regard to the orientation component. Much of the discussion from this meeting was based on the mentoring program which would be optional for new hires. Many questions were brought up at the meeting:

What do we want to accomplish from a mentoring program?
How do we recruit, select, and train mentors? Develop a Mentoring Handbook?
What will be the process for matching up mentors and new hires?
How long should a new hire have a mentor? One year?
How will the program be evaluated? Who maintains this over time? ASC or HR?

Update on Inaugural Gift

S. Egerstrom updated the council on the Inaugural Gift for Chancellor Betz. Council has received approval for a plaque to be hung in the library. G. Link mentioned that a quote could be etched onto plaque possibly the quote that Chancellor Betz posted on the first Falcon Daily. Council also received approval to put a book in collection that referenced it as a gift from Academic Staff Council. Other books could also be pulled from the library to put in this collection, which would be located in the space dedicated to the Chancellor. The location of this collection is not yet determined, but it will be in a visible space possibly by an entrance.

Adjourned at 2:47 PM. Motion made by J. Neuhaus. Seconded by G. Link. Unanimously approved.