Academic Staff Council Minutes




Members Present: Alicia Acken Cosgrove, Sarah Egerstrom, Mark Kinders, Gretchen Link, Jason Neuhaus, Cara Rubis, Kimberly Gould-Speckman, Amber Tubré


Members Absent: Carmen Croonquist, Steve Luebke


Call to order at 2:02 p.m.


Approval of 2/21/05 minutes.  Motion made by S. Egerstrom. Seconded by J. Neuhaus. Unanimously approved.


Chair’s Report (K. Gould-Speckman)


K. Gould-Speckman has begun meeting regularly with Interim Chancellor, Virgil Nylander.


Representative’s Report (K. Gould-Speckman)


Minutes from the 3/17/05 meeting of Academic Staff Representatives are attached and available at:


Legislative Update (M. Kinders)


The Joint Committee on Finance is holding a series of hearings on the state budget around the state.  K. Gould-Speckman testified last week at a hearing held at UW-Stout.


Academic staff, and especially our external partners, are encouraged to contact key legislators within the next 6 weeks.  March 29 is the UW-System state agency budget hearing before the Joint Finance Committee.


Continuing Business


Emeriti Policy

M. Halada agreed to update the policy as our Council requested.


State Academic Staff Conference hosted by UW-RF

Members of the Council and other volunteers have been assigned to committees.  The program proposal form is available on the web site.  A link to the conference web site will be added to the AS Council web site.


Neutral Facilitation Follow-Up Training

The session will be held on April 7.  K. Gould-Speckman is taking registrations.


Institutional Enhancement Grants

The deadline for the Institutional Enhancement Grant was moved to April 1.  G. Link and A. Acken Cosgrove will be submitting a proposal to provide a short course in strategic planning.


New Business



Three positions are available on Academic Staff Council.  Call for nominations was sent last week.  S. Egerstrom will remind nominees of responsibilities and expectations of council members.  New members will attend the May meeting, when elections for leadership positions will be held.


Adjourned at 2:29 p.m.  Motion made by J. Neuhaus.  Seconded by C. Rubis.  Unanimously approved.



2004-05 University of Wisconsin System
Council of Academic Staff Representatives

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Cora Marrett opened the meeting with the introduction of the new Executive Senior Vice President Don Mash.  Mash updated the group on some of the state relations issues.  The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) has been touring the state hearing testimony on Governor Jim Doyle’s budget, which has been very much in favor of the current document.  Doug Bradley, Director of Communications, addressed the representatives, and encouraged them to find stakeholders to make the budget case for the UW.  If reps have a JFC member in their district, contact the member with your concerns about the budget.  Please share any feedback from your elected officials on budget communications.  Continue to contact the Governor about any concerns, as he will have the last say about the budget document. UW System will address the JFC on March 29.  The committee vote on the UW System budget is planned for April 12.

If you need specific information about the budget, go to:

The Capital Budget was to be voted on March 18 by the Building Commission, and the University portion of the budget was 85% of all projects. 

Mash indicated that there are guidelines to the campuses on personnel cuts.  These are:

1.      Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff are not to be reduced.

2.      Administrators who do not work directly with students should be targeted for cuts.

3.      One-time reduction opportunities should be taken, so that the Provosts/Chief Business Officers (CBOs) group can plan for the long-term.

In 2006, UW System must demonstrate to the Department of Administration (DOA) that cuts were made to personnel.  Samantha Surowiec from UW-Green Bay indicated that her campus had recommended cuts and the Chancellor requested feedback.  A number of representatives indicated that by not filling positions through attrition, the students could be hurt, as everyone is trying to perform multiple jobs.  Mash reiterated the Governor’s request that “administrators” had to be cut and that these were being identified on the campuses and should be done in conjunction with governance groups.  The representatives stressed that the cuts should be handled as layoffs.

The Provosts and the CBOs are meeting to identify administrative efficiencies.  They are thinking about the UW System and how the budget supports or does not support the functions that are provided.  The first joint meeting was on February 18, where guiding principles were developed to study further budget cuts.  (These are attached and posted to:

Ron Singer, Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Services, invited the representatives to be a part of the groups discussing the issues. 

Marrett then discussed the purpose and the format of Council meetings.  As the System point person for the Provosts and Faculty Representatives meetings, Marrett has the advantage of communicating agenda topics across the constituency groups.  She encouraged the group to share ideas with the Board of Regents, and think of ways to ensure the Regents understand where the academic staff interests lie.  She also encouraged the council members to think of the things that UW System does not bring value to the campuses.  Marrett then instituted a “roundtable,” where each representative could speak about issues to the group.  The roundtable was well-received and will be added to the next meeting agenda.

Also on the next agenda, Ron Singer will be asked back to report on the Provosts/CBOs progress on UW System planning.

Niemcek-Druecke will check on how to create a list serve for the academic staff representatives.