Academic Staff Council Minutes




Members Present: Alicia Acken Cosgrove, Carmen Croonquist, Sarah Egerstrom, Mark Kinders, Gretchen Link, Steve Luebke, Jason Neuhaus, Cara Rubis, Kimberly Gould-Speckman, Amber Tubré


Call to order at 2:04 p.m.


Approval of 1/24/05 minutes.  Motion made by J. Neuhaus. Seconded by G. Link. Unanimously approved.


Chair’s Report (K. Gould-Speckman)


K. Gould-Speckman has informed Mary Halada that the emeriti status document was approved and has asked for clarification as requested by council.


Representative’s Report (K. Gould-Speckman)


Minutes from the 2/17/05 meeting of Academic Staff Representatives are attached and available at:


Highlights of the meeting included a farewell to David Olien, Senior Vice President for Administration; expressed disappointment in the governor’s budget; and concern regarding the assignment of the Academic Staff Representatives to Cora Marrett (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs) for supervision.


Legislative Update (M. Kinders)


The governor’s budget has been released.  This budget is better for the UW System than the previous budget but still not helpful.  This is a budget that looks good politically but creates internal problems.  The UW System has been told to find efficiencies and give up administrative positions to restore faculty positions.  The salary increase is not likely to be the 5% each year that was requested.


President Kevin Reilly has done some restructuring in the UW System Administration, including appointing Don Mash, Chancellor at UW-Eau Claire, to serve as Executive Senior Vice President.  The Senior Vice President for Administration and Vice President for University Relations positions have been eliminated.  In addition, UW-Colleges and UW-Extension will be consolidated under one Chancellor.


Continuing Business


Neutral Facilitation Follow-Up Training

A. Tubré is waiting for a response from the trainers to schedule the 4-hour follow-up session.


State Academic Staff Conference hosted by UW-RF

K. Gould-Speckman distributed postcards at the Academic Staff Representatives meeting in Madison.  Planning continues, including a meeting of the programming committee this week; web site will be available soon; K. Gould-Speckman has requested budget information; and confirmation that ASPRO will sponsor a reception.  Next meeting of the planning group is March 7 at 2:00 p.m.  K. Gould-Speckman will ask our Chancellor if he would pay the registration fee for UW-RF staff to attend the conference.


New Business


Academic Staff Development Grants

Grant proposals are due March 25 and may be submitted online.  $11,000 total is available to be distributed (up to $1000 for any given proposal).  Funds awarded are to be spent in the next fiscal year.  A link to the application will be added to the Academic Staff Council web site.


Institutional Enhancement Grants

The deadline for the Institutional Enhancement Grant is approaching.  G. Link and A. Acken Cosgrove will work on a proposal to provide a short course in strategic planning, as a follow-up to the neutral facilitation training.


Adjourned at 3:00 p.m.  Motion made by G. Link.  Seconded by C. Croonquist.  Unanimously approved.



2004-05 University of Wisconsin System
Council of Academic Staff Representatives

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 17, 2005

9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Legislative Update

Margaret Lewis, Associate Vice President for University Relations


The Governor delivered his budget address on February 8.  Budget details are found at:


Joint Finance Committee hearings soliciting public input will be on March 8 - 9 and March 16 - 17.   Many of these will be near UW campuses.  Academic Staff Representatives are encouraged to attend and speak at the hearings if they are able.


A new website is being developed to communicate our budget messages.  Academic Staff Representatives will receive the address once the site is up.  Thank you for your input on the site's content.


Human Resource Issues

George Brooks, Associate Vice President for Human Resources


The Governor did not propose anything for a pay plan increase.  The pay plan will be taken up later by the Joint Committee on Employment Relations.


The 2005-07 budget, however, does include a $5 million "star fund" to keep talented faculty and staff in Wisconsin.


Forum and Discussion among Academic Staff Representatives

Greg Wypiszynski, Convener