Academic Staff Council Minutes




Members Present: Alicia Acken, Sarah Egerstrom, Kimberly Gould Speckman, Mark Kinders, Gretchen Link, Steve Luebke, Emily Ronning, Amber Tubré, Sue Walton


Members Absent: Sally Berkholder, Carmen Croonquist, Larry Testa


Call to order at 2:05 p.m.


Approval of 4/28/04 minutes.  Motion made by E. Ronning. Seconded by S. Egerstrom. Unanimously approved.

Chair’s Report (S. Walton)

The Institutional Enhancement grant was received and August 24 and 26 are possible days for the neutral facilitation training.


All unclassified staff will receive a 1% salary increase for 2004-05 and a $250 lump sum payment around July 30.


Representative’s Report (E. Ronning)


Minutes from the 5/20/04 meeting of Academic Staff Representatives are attached and available at:


Academic Staff Leadership Conference will be held July 29-30 at UW-Stout.  UW-RF will be hosing this conference in 2005.


Thanks to Emily for serving as our representative this year!


Legislative Update (Mark Kinders)


A new and improved version of TABOR was introduced in the Assembly last week.  The Senate is still resisting dealing with TABOR.  At this time, there are no public hearings scheduled.  It is still important to be talking to our legislators about the impact of this on the state.


Wisconsin will end this fiscal year with a $1.5 billion deficit.  The budget for the UW-System in 2005-07 is still under discussion.  Issues include losses/raids from auxiliary accounts, restoring 300 positions in targeted areas, and tuition.


Continuing Business


7 academic staff members have indicated interest in serving on the Chancellor Search and Screen Committee.  All interested individuals submitted a letter, outlining why they want to participate and how they are qualified. 


Candidates were reviewed, and discussion and voting took place to result in the nomination of the following 4 individuals: Mark Kinders, Alan Tuchtenhagen, Valerie Malzacher, and Kathy Olsen.


S. Walton will submit their names and letters, and 2 will be chosen to serve on the committee.


New Business


Alicia Acken, Carmen Croonquist, and Sue Walton were elected to serve on the Academic Staff Council.  We welcome them.


Larry Testa and Emily Ronning will be leaving the Council, and we thank them for their service to the group.


Officer Elections



Motion made by G. Link to open nominations for Chair.  Seconded by E. Ronning.

Nomination of Sue Walton by E. Ronning.  Seconded by K. Gould Speckman.

S. Walton accepted nomination.

Motion made by M. Kinders to close nominations and vote.  Seconded by G. Link.

Unanimously approved.


Vice Chair

Motion made by G. Link to open nominations for Vice Chair.  Seconded by E. Ronning.

Nomination of Kimberly Gould Speckman by M. Kinders.  Seconded by G. Link.

K. Gould Speckman accepted nomination.

Motion made by G. Link to close nominations and vote.  Seconded by E. Ronning.

Unanimously approved.



Motion made by G. Link to open nominations for Secretary.  Seconded by E. Ronning.

Nomination of Alicia Acken by A. Tubré.  A. Acken declined nomination.

Nomination of Amber Tubré by K. Gould Speckman.  Seconded by S. Egerstrom.

A. Tubré accepted nomination but will need a replacement during the Fall 2004 term.

Motion made by S. Luebke to close nominations and vote.  Seconded by E. Ronning.

Unanimously approved. 

S. Egerstrom agreed to serve as Secretary during A. Tubré’s absence during Fall term.


Academic Staff Representative

K. Gould Speckman agreed to serve as representative for the Academic Staff Representatives meetings in Madison.


Faculty Representative

S. Luebke agreed to continue to serve as Faculty Representative.


Other Items


Council Member Updates


K. Gould Speckman noted that one person responded to the email message sent to Category B Academic Staff.  This person wanted a job description for Category B Academic Staff and was referred to Human Resources.


M. Kinders is working with a group of faculty, staff, and students on the New Voter Project to distribute information about the importance of student voters and voter registration information.


S. Egerstrom noted that new student registration starts next week.


G. Link thanked the current officers for their service to the Council.


Adjourned at 3:40 p.m.  Motion made by G. Link.  Seconded by E. Ronning.