Academic Staff Council Minutes


Members Present: Sally Berkholder, Sarah Egerstrom, Mark Kinders, Gretchen Link, Kimberly Gould Speckman, , Amber Tubré, Sue Walton

Members Absent: Steve Luebke, Emily Ronning, Larry Testa

Call to order at 2:07 p.m.

Approval of 12/17/03 minutes. Motion made by M.Kinders. Seconded by K. Gould Speckman. Unanimously approved.

Chair's Report (Sue Walton)

Nothing to report.

Representative's Report

E. Ronning was absent, but minutes from the 1/15/04 meeting of Academic Staff Representatives available at:

Legislative Update (Mark Kinders)

New Business

Continuing Business

S. Walton presented the "Numerical Academic Staff Evaluation Form" that was created, according to M. Kinders, approximately 10-12 years ago. This process was used for only one year, and currently, there is no consistency in the evaluation of academic staff. S. Walton will coordinate a group of Category A Academic Staff, Category B Academic Staff, and administration to address this issue. A. Tubre and S. Egerstrom volunteered to assist. E. Ronning is contacting Academic Staff Representatives from other campuses to learn about their performance evaluation practices.

Other Items

Adjourned at 3:06 p.m. Motion made by S. Egerstrom. Seconded by K. Gould Speckman.


Facstaf-notify Distribution Policy

Governance body communication requires timely distribution, is of interest to a substantial portion of the university audience and is required to conform to state or campus regulations.

To ensure that the campus community is not inundated with emails sent via the Facstaf-notify list, the people authorized to send messages for governance body communications to this list include:

  1. Administration: Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor
  2. Faculty: Chair of Faculty Senate or Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair
  3. Staff: Chair of Academic Staff Council or Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair
  4. Students: Chair of Student Senate or Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair

To ensure that the privilege of using the Facstaf-notify list is being used appropriately for governance body communications, use of these emails may be reviewed during monthly shared governance meetings of the Chancellor, Faculty Senate Chair, Chair of Academic Staff Council, and the Student Senate President.

Emeriti Status Academic Staff


We recommend the following emeritus/emerita criteria be effective immediately:

The nomination of academic staff from UW-River Falls or emeritus/emerita status resides with the chancellor. The process is initiated by an academic or administrative unit. The recommendation by the academic or administrative unit must be commented upon by the division head or dean and appropriate vice chancellor before being forwarded to the chancellor.

Criteria for this status include a minimum term of service of 15 years at UW-RF. Quality of service is an important factor. The individual must be retired from a full-time position at UW-River Falls . Exceptions to these criteria are possible if there is significant support or circumstances.