Academic Staff Council Minutes

October 23, 2002

Call to Order

Chair’s Report (Kathy)

1. For legislative updates on the scandal in the Legislature, see The Madison and Milwaukee newspapers also include information about the latest in the legislature.

2. Legislative Debates will be held at the River Falls High School on October 24th at 7:30 p.m. Please attend and ask questions about the candidates’ commitment to higher education. Also, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 5.

3. The “Worth Every Penny Campaign” should be shared with your colleagues. The campaign includes talking points for UWRF and the UW System

4. Regent’s meeting at Whitewater

5. Mark Kinders attended the Economic Summit and provided the following comments:

Representative’s Report (Tony)

Tony supplied minutes from 9/19/02 and 10/17/02 Academic Staff Rep meetings.
During overview of the minutes, discussion arose about an item under the 9/19 Budget Update Section. Clarification was reached that "new items funded by program revenue, instead of GPR." meant that any new initiatives must be funded by their own income.

New Business

Tom Weiss now sits on the Long-Range Planning Committee as the representative for the Academic Staff Council. He attended our meeting as a guest and provided an update about what’s happening on the Long-Range Planning Committee. Currently, there are nine identified long-range goals. The two that were discussed include: increasing awareness of UWRF in the St. Croix Valley, and increasing/improving the feeling of community on our campus.

Old Business