Academic Staff Council Minutes

September 19, 2001

Call to order at 3:00 p.m..

Members present:† Mike Harris, Marilyn Duerst, Karen Ryan, Emily Ronning, Larry Testa, Sue Walton, Steve Luebke, Kathy Olsen, Ranee May, and Michael Stifter.

Introductions of all those in attendance.

An Academic Staff Council Website is being developed.† Itíll be used for summaries and updated information.† The issue was also raised that some Academic Staff may not be included in the fac/staff list serve.† If so, they should contact ITS.

It was reported that Faculty Senate had sent us their revisions for the proposed merger.† It will be reviewed by exec and comments will forwarded on.

We need two Academic Staff for the Parking Committee.† See Kathy if interested.

We will meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month.† Tony Bredahl will represent us at Madison.

Greeting by the Chancellor and Provost.

New Business

Pay Plan Update (Leslie):† possibility that the 4.2% would be cut, potential to combine Classified and Academic Staff in regards to pay, UW System didnít initiate nor support the issue, a handout was given explaining the pay process, encouraged to contact your legislator or the Governorís office (use personal resources, not state ones)

Old Business

Climate Survey (Glenda):† conducted in Spring after Systemís survey was done, more copies available from Kathy, question raised as to what the next step is


Question raised about whether 5 Year and Out would be reviewed at our October meeting.