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Unit 15 - Forestry Related Careers


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

1. Explain the importance of setting goals, work ethic, work related experience, and education in
attaining a job within a forestry related occupation, and advancing ones career.
2. List and discuss the nature of various forestry related occupations/career opportunities.

Unit Concepts and Associated Resources:


I. Understanding the basics of attaining a forestry related position and career development.
II. Overview of a variety of forestry related occupations/career opportunities.

High School Forestry Textbook Resources:

1. Rolfe - Chapter 15
2. Burton -

p . 22 (Forestry Educator), p. 77 (Regional Forester), p. 107 (Forest Botanist),
p. 126 (Genetic Engineer), p. 154 (Soil Specialist), p. 185 (Entomologist),
p. 207 (Extension Forester), p. 233 ( Forest Worker), p. 255 (Timber Cruiser),
p. 275 (Litigation Specialist), p. 301 (Smoke Jumper), p. 323 (Sawyer),
p. 348 (Lumber Grader), p. 362 (Environmental Quality Technician),
p. 382 (Silviculturist), p. 411 (Urban Forester), p. 430 (Technology Specialist)

Forestry Activity Resources:

1. LEAF: K-1: p. 21 (Arborist), p. 36 (Research Ecologist), p. 46 (Park Ranger), p. 61 (Orchard Owner), p. 76 (Wildlife Biologist)

2-3: p. 24 (Nursery Manager), p.38 (Soil Scientist), p. 53 (Forest Ecologist), p. 61 (Orchard Owner), p. 71 (Urban Forester), p. 81 (Land Trust Association Director)

4: p. 18 (Archeological Technician), p. 31 (Sawmill Supervisor), p. 47 (Logger), p. 62 (Private Forest Landowner), p. 103 (Forest Ranger), p. 125 (Park Ranger), p. 136 (Environmental Educator)

5-6: p. 22 (Nursery Manager), p. 40 (Forest Ecologist), p. 57 (Forest Pest Specialist), p. 71 (Wildlife Biologist), p. 84 (Park Superintendent), p. 95 (Landscaper), p. 130 ( Executive Director of the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association), p. 144 (Land Trust Association Director)

7-8: p. 27 (GIS Specialist), p. 53 (Center for Biology Director), p. 67 (Forester), p. 81 (Public Affairs Specialist), p. 100 (Parks Operation Manager), p. 123 (Product Development), p. 138 (Plantathologist),
p. 152 (Watershed Project Director)

Activity Suggestions:

1. PLT - Activity 34
2. LEAF: 7-8: Career Exploration

(See the list of references for full information on each resource listed)