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Unit 14 - School Forest


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

1. Use the school forest as a learning resource.
2. Assist in the planning, development, and maintenance of the forest resource.

Unit Concepts and Associated Resources:


I. Wisconsin School Forest history.
II. Value of School Forests.
III. Registering and developing a School Forest.
IV. School Forest educational plan.
V. School Forest facilities, management of resources, and policy

High School Forestry Textbook Resources:

1. None

Additional Websites:



Activity Suggestions:

1. ECO - Activity 1
2. FOCUS - Activity 8
3. PLT - Activities 21, 46, 48, 80, and 96
4. LEAF: 4: Field Enhancement 1, 5-6: Field Enhancement 1, 7-8: Field Enhancement 2 and 3

(See the list of references for full information on each resource listed)