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Unit 13 - Urban Forestry


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

1. List and discuss how trees can benefit the urban environment, as well as several detrimental
2. Identify the major urban environmental factors influencing the growth and development of
trees in cities and towns.
3. Identify common cultural practices and tools employed in urban forestry, explain their purpose
for use and application procedures.

Unit Concepts and Associated Resources:


I. Benefits and drawbacks associated with trees in the urban environment.
II. Growing trees in the urban environment.
III. Management techniques used in urban forestry.
IV. Equipment used in urban forestry.

High School Forestry Textbook Resources:

1. Rolfe - pp. 28-34
2. Burton - Chapter 16

Forestry Information Resources:

1. FMD Chapter 16

Additional Websites:



Activity Suggestions:

1. Burton - p. 414
2. Burton Lab Manual - Chapter 16 - Exercises 1 and 2
3. PLT - Activity 30

(See the list of references for full information on each resource listed)