Falcon Ag Challenge

Contest Policies

Student Conduct

  • If any of these policies are broken, you risk being disqualified. Refunds will not be given for disqualified teams or individuals.
  • Arrive on time for your event.
  • Treat all University faculty, student workers and facilities with respect.
  • Treat all contestants with respect.
  • It is strongly recommended that students do NOT bring cell phones, blackberries, pagers or any hand held electronic communication devices to the events. Participants will not be allowed to utilize personal electronic communication devices, unless they first receive approval by the event officials, during the entire course of the event. Participants who access personal electronic communication devices without prior approval of the event officials will be disqualified.
  • Talking is not allowed during the event. Event officials will disqualify participants for talking during an event.


  • Teams will consist of up to 5 participants
  • The scores from the top 3 individuals will be used to determine team rankings
  • Each event coordinator will determine tie breaking procedures prior to the contest

Special Needs Accommodations Requests
Teachers registering CDE participants who are eligible for special needs accommodations must contact the Faculty Coordinator to request a Special Needs Request form. The advisor, the participant and his or her parent or legal guardian must complete this form and send it to the Faculty Coordinator by the registration deadline. This form is only an application for accommodation; once the application is reviewed by contact staff, further documentation of the participant’s disability will be required.

For requests that are submitted after the registration deadlinet, contest staff will make every attempt to review and process these requests; however, the accommodations may be limited or denied due to time constraints.


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