2010 Agricultural Technology Contest

March 27, 2010




Contest Description and Rules:

Please direct questions to:

Dr. James Graham
Agricultural Education Department
University of Wisconsin-River Falls


The Wildlife Contest will evaluate general knowledge in the broad area of Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation.

The knowledge and skills needed are:

  • Use of basic terminology of wildlife/ecological management.
  • Identification of common Fish and Wild animals of Wisconsin and their basic ecology.
  • Understanding of the basic laws and regulations pertaining to Fish and Wildlife.
  • Description and use of common wildlife and fisheries management/research techniques.
  • Current issues in wildlife and fisheries conservation.

The contest will consist of two parts:

  • Identification
    • Identification will consist of identifying birds, traps, pelts, skulls, fish, and mounts.
      • Under NO circumstances are the contestants to touch the materials that will be present for the identification of the contest!!!
  • Examination
    • The test will be 50 questions containing questions related to general wildlife and fisheries information covering the topics list above. Format of the exam will consist of Multiple Choice, True or False, and Matching


During the contest CELL PHONES will NOT be allowed. If you are caught using a cell phone at anytime during the contest you will be asked to leave and receive a zero for the contest.



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