2010 Agricultural Technology Contest

March 27, 2010




Contest Description and Rules:

Please direct questions to:

Dr. Michael Kaltenberg
Plant and Earth Science Department
University of Wisconsin-River Falls


The Forestry contest will be composed of three 20 minute sessions. The reference from which questions, names, and procedures will be based is: The Forest Management Digest. 9th ed. Allen Wicken, editor.

General Knowledge/Management: (50 points)

  • This portion of the contest will be a written examination (objective-type multiple-choice) covering the topics of tree anatomy and physiology, silviculture, mensuration, forest protection, and multiple use of forests.

Dendrology: (20 points)

  • The dendrology portion of the contest will involve the identification of 20 specimens of native Wisconsin trees. Each specimen will be identified by common name.

Forestry Tools Identification: (30 points)

  • This portion of the contest involves the student identifying fifteen tools used in different areas of forestry. A one sentence description of what the tool is used for is required for each tool identified.

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