2010 Agricultural Technology Contest

March 27, 2010



Contest Description and Rules:

Please direct questions to:

Dr. Terry Ferriss
Plant and Earth Science Department
University of Wisconsin-River Falls


The contest objectives are: to identify floriculture plant materials: understand the basic principles and techniques of propagation; understand basic growth requirements and cultural techniques for producing quality greenhouse floriculture crops; understanding basic harvesting and post harvest techniques; and understand the basic requirements of maintaining established floriculture plants.

The contest will consist of three sections:

Identification of Plant Material:

Thirty plants will be selected from the FFA list of plants in the Floriculture contest. Please consult the current Career Development Event Handbook (Local Program Resource Guide CD).

Floral Crop Quality Evaluation (Flower Judging):

Three classes with four entries per class will be evaluated by each student. There will be one class each of cut flowers, flowering potted species, and potted foliage. Students will have three minutes to evaluate and rank the entries. There are no written reasons, just rankings. Placement, evaluation, and scoring of rankings will be done according to National standards set by Pi Alpha Xi and published in the Flower Judging Manual distributed by Pi Alpha Xi. These are the same criteria traditionally used by the National FFA Organization. To obtain a copy of the manual ($7 each), contact The American Society for Horticultural Science/Pi Alpha Xi at www.ashs.org.

General Knowledge Exam:

Fifty multiple choice questions will be given that cover the areas of floriculture reflected in the contest objectives.

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