2010 Agricultural Technology Contest

March 27, 2010


30th Annual Crop Show


Contest Description and Rules:

Please direct questions to:

Dr. Steven Carlson
Plant and Earth Science Department
University of Wisconsin-River Falls


In conjunction with the 2010 Agricultural Technology Contest, all FFA Chapters are invited to submit entries for judging in this year's crops contest. Class descriptions and contest rules are given below with each chapter allowed one entry per class.

  • Trophies will be awarded to first prize winners in each class.
  • Ribbons will be awarded for the first five placings in each class.
  • Points will be awarded for placing in each class. Highest point total will determine the chapter to receive "Tops of the Crops" Excellence Trophy.

Class Quantity Rules
1. Ear Corn                              6 ears                          Reasonable storage moisture
2. Oats                                     3 quarts                       Reasonable storage moisture
3. Soybeans                             3 quarts                       Reasonable storage moisture
4. Miscellaneous Grains*       3 quarts                       All must be at reasonable storage moisture
5. Shelled Corn                        3 quarts                       Reasonable storage moisture
6. Legume Hay                       10-12" bale slice         Alfalfa, clover or birdsfoot trefoilcutting; not more than 30% grasses
7. Mixed Legume/Grass       10-12" bale slice         A combination of legumes and grasses
8. Grass Hay                           10-12" bale slice         Must contain at least 70% grass
9. Corn Silage                          1 gallon                       Undergone fermentation, cannot be freshly chopped
10. Haylage, Grass Silage      1 gallon                       Undergone fermentation, cannot be freshly chopped
11. Longest ear of corn          1 ear                            Flint corn not eligible

*Sunflowers and high moisture corn will not be judged.


  • Insufficient or incorrect sample quantity
  • Commercially graded samples
  • Late entries
  • Entered in the wrong class
  • Adulterated sample

Samples must be entered by 10:00 a.m., March 27, 2010, to Dr. Steve Carlson or other agronomy staff at the Invitational Crops Contest Headquarters in Agricultural Science Building. Samples will also be accepted prior to the contest in case of distance of hardship. Submitted samples will NOT be returned. The top five entries in each class, their evaluations, and their ribbons will be displayed on tables located on the 2nd  floor of the Ag Science Building.


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