2010 Agricultural Technology Contest

March 27, 2010


Agricultural Mechanics

Contest Description and Rules:

Please direct questions to:

Jerry Nechville
Agricultural Engineering and Technology Department
University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Contest Update - Posted March 17

Please view the Contest Update for more detailed information on specific topics/activities for this event.

Our regional FFA qualifying event and local Ag Technology Contest will use the National FFA Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event as a model. Limitations imposed by facilities, equipment, and time will force us to make some changes.

The Ag Tech-Ag Mechanics Contest and the FFA Ag Mechanics Qualifying Event will be run simultaneously. The “specific theme” will be Integrated Pest Management. Updated information regarding this event can be found at the following web site: http://web.missouri.edu/~schumacherl/natcon.html.  As the national event is developed, the content may change slightly. These changes are posted on the above listed web site.

The event description posted on this web site, as of Feb 1, 2010, will be used to develop our regional event and contest.

Event Theme for 2010:                      Integrated Pest Management

Event and Contest Organization:

  • Individual skill/problem solving activities:
    • 60 minutes, (3 of 5 system activities will be selected)
  • Written examination:
    • 60 minutes, (50 multiple-choice questions, 10 from each of the 5 systems)
  • Team activity:
    • 60 minutes, (integrated problem associated with the theme)

FFA Qualifying Event:

  • Teams participating in the FFA Ag Mechanics Qualifying Event will compete in all of the areas listed above. A team consists of 3 or 4 individuals. The scores of the top 3 individuals for a team will be used to develop the team score.

Ag Technology Contest:

  • Teams participating in the Ag Technology-Ag Mechanics Contest will compete in the individual skill/problem solving activities and the written examination; they will not complete the team activity. A team consists of 2 individuals.


  • FFA Qualifying Event:
    • Written examination: 30%
    • Individual skill/problem solving activities: 45%
    • Team Activity: 25%
    • Total: 100%
  • Ag Technology Contest
    • Written examination: 50%
    • Individual skill/problem solving activities: 50%
    • Total: 100%

Individuals participating in contest and/or event activities are required to provide:

  • pencils
  • calculators
  • safety glasses
  • appropriate clothing (for the performance of skill activities)

FAILURE to wear SAFETY GLASSES and APPROPRIATE CLOTHING, which is in good repair, will result in loss of points for safety and/or disqualification from the impacted activities.

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Agricultural Engineering Technology Department, will provide all necessary specialized equipment for the performance of skill activities.

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Agricultural Engineering Technology Department, will furnish all other materials. Materials will include, but not limited to, hand and power tools, technical manuals, and computer (hardware and software). Computer hardware will be IBM compatible.


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