November 2001News Releases
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November 2: New Campus Building to be Conservation Oriented

November 2: UW-RF Home to Literary Mgazine Review

November 2: UW-RF Students Set Interneational Confab in Cities

November 2: UW-RF Enrolls 5,844 Students for Fall

November 2: Students Selected for UW-Rf Horsemanship Team

November 8: Lecture and Film on Middle East Sceduled at UW-RF

November 8: UW-RF Hosts First Student Readings

November 8: UW-RF Professor Spoke at International Conference

November 16: Holiday Conerts Scheduled at UW-RF

November 16: Marker Explains Workings of UW-RF Sundial

November 16: UW-RF Professors Speak at Conference in Ukraine

November 16: UW-RF Students Win Awards at FFA Convention

November 30: UW-RF Phase I Dairy Learning Center Approved

November 30: St. Croix Valley Region Represented at Wisconsin Summit

November 30: UW-RF Sponsors Another in Series of Terrorism Forums

November 30: UW-RF Hosts Student Readings


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