Overseas Tour

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Sept. 20, 1996

Spain, Portugal, Morocco Tour in June

A 16-day tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco will be led from June 16 - July 2, by UW-River Falls history Professor John Buschen.

The tour will capture the exceptional richness and variety in cultures, history, geography, and cuisines of these three counties.

Undergraduate or graduate credit also may be obtained.

The tour will start in Lisbon, home of the 15th century explorers who roamed the world. Next the tour heads to Seville in southern Spain with its splendid cathedral, the 3rd largest in the world, its Moorish quarter, and its profusion of flowers. Nearby is Jerez, world capital of sherry wine production.

Southern Spain was in Moorish/Muslim control from 719-1492, and tour members will see the many remaining influences in architecture, cuisine, dancing, and music. A short hydrofoil ride will then take the group to Morocco in North Africa and the exotic city of Tangiers. The port is an ancient one, and the crowded market and narrow streets with colorful goods is completely different from Europe.

The tour will head further south to Fez, oldest of Morocco's imperial cities. Other destinations include Marrakech and its large "souk," with everything for sale from camels to hammered copper goods to carpets and textiles; Rabat, the modern capital, with its royal palace and beautiful mosque with its delicate inlaid tile mosaics.

Returning to Spain, stops include Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol to enjoy the sun and charming hillside villages; Granada, capital of the Moors until 1492; Alhambra, most beautiful of Moorish palaces with its carved ivory, gardens, and fountains; and Madrid with its royal palace, monuments. There will be special visits to the great Prado Museum, with the world's finest collection of paintings by El Greco, Velasquez, and Goya, as well as many others. The new Museum of Modern Art is also on the itinerary, as well as nearby Toledo, once home to El Greco.

Throughout the tour, participants will sample local cuisines and specialties, enjoy flamenco music and dancing, and see many different geographic areas. A pre-tour session will provide background, and a reading list will be provided to enable participants to more fully appreciate their experiences.

For a free brochure with details of the itinerary, contact the distory department at 715/425-3164 or by e-mail: John Buschen

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