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July 14, 1999

UW-River Falls Announces Spring Degree Recipients

Undergraduate degrees were awarded to 465 students during spring commencement at UW-River Falls May 22. The commencement address was given by Grant Staszak, a graduating senior from Bonduel, Wis.

Conferring degrees was Chancellor Gary A. Thibodeau, Dean Karen Viechnicki of the College of Education & Graduate Studies; Dean Gorden Hedahl of the College of Arts & Sciences; Dean Gary Rohde of the College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences; and Professor Jacque Foust, chair of the business administration department of the School of Business & Economics.

The following includes the student's hometown, name, and degree.

Those receiving honors are marked as follows:

*senior honors: a grade point average of at least 3.5 for the final 60 semester credits.

**cum laude: a minimum cumulative 3.7 grade point average for entire college career.

***magna cum laude: a minimum cumulative 3.8 grade point average for entire college career.

****summa cum laude: a minimum cumulative 3.9 grade point average for entire college career.

Please note: This list includes students claiming hometowns with zip codes in your coverage area. If this zip code list is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know. Thank you.

54003 , 54011 , 54021 , 54022 , 54023, 54740 , 54767, 54010

Beldenville, WI 54003:

Schade, Kristen L, N6946 - 530th Street, BS-Elementary Education, Elementary Education (1-6)***

Ellsworth, WI 54011:

Dodge, Robin J, W8436 - 480th Avenue, BS-Liberal Arts, Mathematics*

Donnelly, Rick A, 610 Crest Lane, , Broad Area Business Administration

Prescott, WI 54021:

Gutting, Leslie P, N6372 - 1317th Street, BS-Secondary Education, Communicative Disorders (Education)

McCoy, Joanna L, W11202 497th Ave., , Animal Science (Business/equine)

Simones, Patrick F, 110 Flora N., BS-Secondary Education, Health & Human Performance Studies

Tulip, Patricia L, N5494 County Rd GG, BS-Secondary Education, Mathematics (Secondary Education)*

River Falls, WI 54022:

Anderson, Kristen L, N8016 State Road 65, BS-Liberal Arts, Psychology*

Baier-Gruber, Wendy R, 1029 State St Apt 39, BS-Agricultural Education, Agriculture Education***

Bakeberg, Danielle J, W7905 Hwy 29E, Broad Area Agriculture

Bechel, Scott J, 618 Clark St Apt 2, Ag Engineering Tech

Begnaud, Ann-Marie, 1204 Bartosh Lane Apt.2, Bachelor of Arts-Liberal Arts, English***

Bendix, Joe M, 1143 State St Apt 111, BS-Secondary Education, Comprehensive Physical Education (K-12)

Bernick, Shawn C, 1073 E Cascade Ave Apt 4, BS-Agricultural Education, Agricultural Education

Brenna, Molly J, 1674 Golf View Drive, BS-Liberal Arts, Broad Area Art

Brown, Kelly L, 340 W Johnson St., Apt. 4, BS-Liberal Arts, Psychology

Chwala, Andy J, 1450 S Wasson Lane, No. 17, Animal Science (Production/equine)

Cordes, Heather E, N7427 1090th Street, BS-Liberal Arts, Sociology (Liberal Arts)

Cudd, Pauly R, 223 N 4th, BS-Secondary Education, Comprehensive Physical Education (K-12)

Cunningham, Jacob R, N8763 650th St., Agricultural Engineering (Environmental Technology)

Einum, Stacy K, 347 W Johnson, No. 8, BS-Secondary Education, Comprehensive Physical Educaiton (K-12)

Fenlon, Matthew J, P.O. Box 542, BS-Liberal Arts, Broad Field Science (Environmental Technology)

Fisher, Antony M, 117 W Church St, No. 204, BS-Liberal Arts, Marketing Communications (Liberal Arts)

Fisher, Christal P, 315 W Johnson St., Apt 5, Broad Area Agriculture

Force, Geoffrey K, P O Box 223, BS-Liberal Arts, Geography (Cartography Minor)

Fowler, Melinda L, 1223 Foster Street, BS-Liberal Arts, Speech Communication (Mass Communication Emphasis)

Frisque, Sherilyn F, 306 W. Johnson St. No. 1, BS-Elementary Education, Elementary Education (1-6)

Fuller, Amanda M, 518 E Walnut St, Business Administration

Geister, Dan W, 615 North Lewis Street, BS-Geology, Geology

Gruber, Charles D, 1029 State St., Apt 39, Agricultural Engineering (Environmental Technology)

Hauser, David J, 128 Emory Drive, Apt. 1, BS-Liberal Arts, Mathematics

Heier, Shizue A, 232 West Johnson St., Animal Sciencen (Science/equine)

Hills, Jason R, 1428 Emory Circle, Conservation

Hoffman, John F, PO Box 573, Accounting

Hopkins, John J, 1546 So Wasson Lane No. 7, BS-Liberal Arts, English

Huhnke, Wayne W, 235 State Rd 65, Horticulture (Professional Studies)

Johnson, Elizabeth C, 517 Wasson Court, No. 50, Business Administration

Johnson, Tamara L, 1024 Pine Ridge Terrace, Bachelor of Social Work, Social Work

Johnson, Timothy J, W8504 690th Ave, BS-Liberal Arts, Journalism (News Editorial)

Murray, Chad M, 1073 E. Cascade No. 5, Conservation, (Resource Management)

Newman, Robin M, W7897 830 Th Ave., Bachelor of Arts-Liberal Arts, English (Writing Minor/creative writing)*

Papendieck, Wendy B, 415 East Johnson St., Horticulture (Professional Studies)***

Perez, Frank O, 1546 South Wasson Lane, No. 1, Business Administration

Purfeerst, Megan A, 261 Highway 65 North, BS-Elementary Education, Elementary Education (1-6)

Reese, Peter D, 425 North Wasson Lane, BS-Liberal Arts, Comp Systems (Information Systems)

Sampair, Jesse S, 929 Falcon Dr, BS-Liberal Arts, Marketing Communication (Liberal Arts)*

Schultz, Christine M, 1119 State St., Apt. 152, Horticulture (Landscape Design)

Schultz, Thomas M, 657 Meadowbrook Lane, BS-Liberal Arts, Biology

Shroyer, Sara D, 819 S. Wasson Ln. No. 104, BS-Liberal Arts, Mathematics

Slowiak, Andrea L, 102 N 8th St, BS-Liberal Arts, Sociology (Liberal Arts)*

Smith, Jessica H, 1340 Orange St., Business Administration

Sprowls, Craig M, 403 Wasson Court, No. 11, Business Administration

Stensaas, Julie A, 539 S Wasson Lane, Apt 301, Animal Science (Business/meat)

Tlougan, Kevin B, 127 1/2 S Main St., No. 206, BS-Liberal Arts, Journalism (Broadcast)

Tokheim, Tyson A, 415 East Johnson Street, Business Administration

Uher, Angie L, 132 W Johnson, No. 10, Agricultural Business

Untz, Jeremy J, 120 S. Third St., BS-Agricultural Education, Agricultural Education

Voelker, Kevin G, 745 Valley View Dr, BS-Secondary Education, Health & Human Performance Studies

Watrud, Dane R, 1471 Evergreen Drive, Broad Area Agriculture

Wynne, Josette C, 1457 Wildcat Court, No. 216, BS-Liberal Arts, Speech Communication (Theatre Emphasis)***

Youn, James, 320 N. Second St., Apt. 9, BS-Liberal Arts, Political Science

Ziegler, Cory A, 1073 Cascade Ave. No. 3, , Agricultural Engineering Technology****

Zielski, Michael D, N7951 - 980th Street, Business Administration

Nelson, Michael R, 1485 Wildcat Court Apt.101, BS-Liberal Arts, Biology

Roberts, WI 54023:

Herink, Pamela F, 1057 - 110th Street, Broad Area Business Administration

Holmberg, Raena S, 52 East Frank Street, BS-Liberal Arts, Communicative Disorders

Owen, April J, 52 Frank St, BS-Liberal Arts, Biology

Platson, Jonathan D, 1360 County Road T T, Bachelor of Social Work, Social Work

Schreiber, Maureen M, 1052 65th Ave, BS-Liberal Arts, Sociology (Liberal Arts)

Spring Valley, WI 54767:

Fay, Timothy A, P O Box 181, Conservervation (Resource Management)

Timm, Ryan R, N8328 - 330 Street, Animal Science (Production/Meat Animal)*

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