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July 14, 1999

Area Students Named to Dean's List at UW-River Falls

The spring semester Dean's List honoring 960 UW-River Falls students has been released by Registrar Judy George. To be named to the Dean's List, a full-time undergraduate must earn a grade point average of at least 3.5 on a scale of 4.0, or midway between an "A" and "B" average. Students earning a 4.0 or straight "A" average numbered 257.

The following area students were named to the list:

PLEASE NOTE: This list includes students claiming hometowns with zip codes in your coverage area. If this zip code list is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know. Thank you.

54003 , 54011 , 54021 , 54022, 54023, 54740 , 54767, 54010

East Ellsworth, WI 54010:

Walz, Brian W, 430 E Main St Box 28

Ellsworth, WI 54011:

Buri, Jennings D, W 6518 U S Highway 10

Dodge, Robin J, W8436 - 480th Avenue

Gilles, Trent A, 633 Railroad Avenue

Greske, Kari J, 466 W Kinne P O Box 827

Magnan, Anne M, W 9276 - 640th Avenue

Maier, Peggy N, N6112 - 950th Street

Merta, Valerie A, N6298 910th St

Mory, Cristina M, N5475 - 530th Street

O'Connell, Timothy J, 428 Railroad Ave

Zeien, Shanelle J, W8340 - 480th Avenue

Elmwood, WI 54740:

Bernhardt, Renee L, 330 Scott Street

Miller, Kami N, W 1465 - 610th Avenue

Schneider, Emily M, W3266 570th Avenue

Schrag, Michelle M, Box 265

Prescott, WI 54021:

Butler, Abbey E, N5325 1240th St

Haasis, Sue M, N 5646 - 1220th Street

Klein, Alicia M, 1266 Ash Street

Peterson, Nathan L, 178 Tower Heights Road

Shaw, Kari J, P O Box 457

Smetana, Janine A, W12391-570th Ave

River Falls, WI 54022:

Adam, Laura A, 715 S Main St

Albertson, Jessie A, 1039 West Maple Street

Anderson, Callie J, 318 North 8th Street

Anderson, Dana J, 302 1/2 N. 7th St.

Anderson, Kim J, N8016 State Road 65

Baier-Gruber, Wendy R, 1029 State St Apt 39

Banaszynski, Todd R, 317 Nicole Ln Apt 1

Been, Nicolas A, 123 W. Vine Street

Begnaud, Ann-Marie, 1204 Bartosh Lane Apt.2

Braaten, Anna M, 117 Church St Apt 101

Brenna, Molly J, 1674 Golf View Drive

Brown, Kelly L, 340 W Johnson St Apt 4

Bunde, Angela L, 721 1/2 South Main Street

Buss, Gina L, 287 W. Johnson #4

Christensen, Carrie L, 325 N River Rd

Collins, Rachel A, 1518 S Wasson Lane Apt 8

Driessen, Lisa N, 1029 S. State St. Apt. 25

Dumond, Carri A, 415 S Wasson Ln Apt 107

Eaton, Jessica L, 315 West Johnson Apt #6

Erwin, Amelia S, N8222 950th St

Finke, Bridget M, 1041 S State Street Apt 51

Forbeck, Tera A, 215 Foster St. Apartment #1

Force, Geoffrey K, P O Box 223

Frisle, Tonya L, 1546 S. Wassan Lane

Geister, Dan W, 615 North Lewis Street

Gruber, Charles D, 1029 State St. Apt 39

Gutknecht, Kathryn A, 218 W Charlotte St #308

Hagen, Amanda S, 117 Church St Apt 303

Haugen, Marnie L, 307 W Cedar Street

Haworth, Aliesha M, 403 Wasson Ct. #6

Hoffman, John F, PO Box 573

Holter, Cheryl L, 421 East Pine

Hystead, Jennifer A, 210 West Hamilton Drive

Johnson Grones, Mary B, 635 Hazel Street

Johnson, Tamara L, 1024 Pine Ridge Ter

Johnston, Kelly J, N8336 - 690th Street

Koerper, Brent A, 1011 S State Street #10

Lambert, Jeffrey C, 232 W Johnson St

Liddle, Amy J, 1439 Steeple Drive

Matara, Sarah J, 1110 Broadway

Maupin, Allison R, 417 S. Wasson Lane Appt #106

McLean, Jason A, 542 Apollo Road

Mischler, James P, 536 North Winter Street

Morgan, Christopher M, 307 East Pine Street

Moulton, Angela L, 1143 South State St. Apt#103

Murray, Chad M, 1073 E. Cascade #5

Nelson, Paul H, 424 1/2 N. 2nd St.

Nerud, Heidi B, 715 S. Main St.

Neuhaus, Maxfield E, 321 North Dallas

Newman, Robin M, W7897 830 Th Ave

Odegard, Kristina K, 2267 Golf View Drive

Olsen, Katie L, N5869 County Road E

Olson, Amanda M, 1077 East Cascade Ave, #4

Papendieck, Wendy B, 415 East Johnson St.

Paquette, Dennis J, 110 East Maple St Apt. 1

Peskar, Justin C, 614 North Fremont Street

Peterson, Danielle M, 317 Sherwood Forest Ln

Peterson, Jill S, 132 W Johnson #19

Pospichalova, Eva, 207 Johnson Hall

Poulin, Stacie M, 325 Glenmont Rd

Reese, Diane L, 930 S. Main St. Apt.15a

Reid, Nora E, 404 S. Winter St. #2

Revels, Robert J, 517 Wasson Ct Apt 49

Reynolds, Troy C, 127 W Vine St

Robison, Chad J, 603 1|2 Lake Street

Sampair, Jesse S, 929 Falcon Dr

Sharma, Susan K, 515 East Cascade 2

Shepherd, Christopher P, 211 West Johnson St Apt 1

Shepherd, Shannon M, 211 West Johnson St Apt 1

Shogren Carlson, Jessica J, 1119 S State Street Apt 164

Singel, Daniel J, W10342 879th Ave

Soderberg, Selena J, 1010 E Division Street

Soldan, Cassandra L, 1477 Emory #3

Telfer, Mariah L, 347 West Johnson St #7

Thom, Carrie A, N6780 Cty Rd E

Timmerman, Alec R, 633 N Freemont St

Timmons, Tiffany L, 1431 Wildcat Court #110

Tokheim, Tyson A, 415 East Johnson Street

Warrichaiet, Mary B, 1457 Wildcat Ct #307

Watters, Jedediah R, W9815 - 710th Avenue

Woodard, Ann L, P.O. Box 662

Wynne, Josette C, 1457 Wildcat Court #216

Zaruba, Krista K, N7775 920th Street

Zetah, Jon M, 417 S. Wasson Ln. Apt. 104

Ziegler, Cory A, 1073 Cascade Ave #3

Roberts, WI 54023:

Benson, Melinda L, 1482 Highway N

Holmberg, Raena S, 52 East Frank Street

Martineau, Cheryl L, 1061 Coulee Trail

Platson, Jonathan D, 1360 County Road T T

Villarreal, Amber N, P O Box 235

Warnken, Cheryl A, 927 Highway 12

Spring Valley, WI 54767:

Bates, Lisa M, P.O. Box 311

Shafer, John J, W3430 - 650th Avenue

Timm, Ryan R, N8328 - 330 Street


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