Foundation Grants

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

June 25, 1996

Foundation Announces $39,300 in Grants

By Melissa Johansen
UW-River Falls New Bureau

The UW-River Falls Foundation Grants Review Committee funded 24 faculty and staff grant requests totaling $39,300 in 1996. A majority of these grants will be used to update computer equipment.

The Foundation also awarded two partially funded grants. These recipients were library director Christina Baum, in the amount of $4,700, which will be used for computer equipment. The other recipient, Virgil Nylander, assistant chancellor chancellor for administration and finance, received $2,459 for conferences.

In addition, $5,000 is annually set aside for smaller faculty grants to improve classroom instruction. These grants are typically used for materials and supplies for special projects, travel to professional meetings and other needs unable to be funded by tax dollars.

Five thousand dollars was awarded to the Admissions Department for recruiting efforts. According to UW-River Falls admission counselors, as the competition for top scholars becomes more intense, dollars must be made available to match competition in the area of recruiting the top high school scholars in Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

The Foundation Grant Review Committee consists of: Bob Dykstra, Jim Dubrow, Jeanne Ode, Jeff McCardle, Greg Steele and Dean Fenner. The grant recipients follow:

Name Department Description Amount Bernice Ficek-Swenson Art Matcutter/frames $888
DeAnn Krey Elementary Ed. Books $750
David Rusterholz Chemistry CD-ROM software $995
David Heberlein Art Scanner $1,120
Robert Butler Ag Engineering Tape backup drive $858
Anthony Jilek Food Science Computer $1,000
Garry/Johnson Biology Camera $1,922
Brian Smith Plant Science Sprayer $1,765
Betsy Barrett Health Questionnaire packets $350
Harris/Kirchner Comm. Disorders CD-ROM $1,107
Brad Mogen Biology Slide scanner $1,449
Michael Padgett Art Computer $1,200
Gary Cottrell Comm. Disorders Ear analyzer $3,395
Philip George Animal & Food Science CD-ROM software $1,500
Gerald Nolte Ag Econ ScanJet software $1,484
John Nierengarten Academic computing Projection panel $3,166
Randy Johnston Art Slide library $1,360
James Madsen Physics Monitor/printer $2,754
Don Leake Math/CS Computer unit $2,781
Tom Goerke Animal & Food Science CD-ROM/computer $1,750
Perry Clark Animal & Food Science Fiber Optics system $500

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