Arts Business Seminar

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

May 2, 1997

Artists Attend Third Annual Business Seminar

The third annual "Creating the Successful Arts Business" seminar for regional artists and craftspeople working cooperatively to find marketable niches for their art was held at UW-RF recently.

The tone of the seminar was set by LaMoine McLaughlin, owner of Amery's Northern Lakes Center for the Arts and president of the Wisconsin Assembly of Local Arts Agencies, who gave a keynote address stressing the importance of community and building a network among artists at a local level. McLaughlin said that the general public should be educated about the value of art and its priority in society.

McLaughlin has been active in aiding with the start up of many rural arts agencies throughout the region and is an expert on the granting process.

This seminar followed the award-winning "Creating the Successful Arts Business-Practical Approaches to Making a Living in the Arts" held last spring. It was a 1996 recipient of a regional Award for Excellence for a seven-state region for the upper Midwest of The University Continuing Education Association.

In addition to McLaughlin's speech, the 1997 seminar included an extended morning and an afternoon panel of artists, art administrators and consultants who answered questions from artists attending the seminar. Following the discussions, breakout sessions conducted by area professionals addressed topics aimed at aiding artists in their quest to make a living through art.

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