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University of Wisconsin - River Falls

May 10, 1996

33 Educaters Will Teach Overseas

By Faith Kammerdeiner
UW-RF News Bureau

Some 33 teachers and administrators from Wisconsin and surrounding states will participate in overseas educational systems teaching experience through UW-River Falls.

The International Visiting Teacher Program teams experienced teachers and school officials from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and neighboring states with overseas colleagues who have teaching responsibilities similar to theirs for three to four weeks, usually during the summer.

Teachers and officials enroll in the six-credit graduate course "Comparative Education and Supervised Overseas Fieldwork," which is offered by many UW-System universities. The choice of locale and country is up to the individual participating in the program.

During their stay, teachers become familiar with the educational system, curriculum and teaching methods. The nature of each participant's involvement in the school is planned with the overseas teacher or official. This usually includes such roles as assisting with regular class activities, speaking with students in various classes, and attending school functions and meetings.

Participants also develop learning activities that involve their home school students with host school students. UW-RF Professor Carol LeBreck, director of the program, said that e-mail is becoming a popular means of communication between home school students and overseas students. Teachers and administrators also prepare personalized projects for their professional development and attend seminars in the United States and/or overseas.

Most teachers and school officials in this program are placed in English speaking countries. However, teachers are encouraged to visit non-English speaking countries even though they may not know the host language. Teachers must cover all their expenses and are encouraged to live with a host family.

The International Visiting Teacher Program was started in 1972 by Dr. Ross Korsgaard, a former faculty member at UW-RF. Since then more than 1,350 "visiting teachers" have traveled to more than 32 countries. These placements span all grade levels and disciplines.

This year 33 teachers are participating in this experience. Here is a listing of the teachers by hometown, their school, dates overseas as available, and country:


Appleton: Robert Goldsmith, June 17-July 5, England.
Eau Claire: Lori Koepke, Mondovi Public Schools, June 22-July 8, Australia; Travis Vann Vleet, De Long Middle School, New Zealand.
Evansville: Barb Schultz.
Madison: Nancy Allen, Waunakee Public Schools, June 10-28, Ireland; Mary Cochems, Falk Elementary School, July 8-26, Australia; Jacqueline Delord, West High School, England; Mary Lou McBride, O'Keeffe Middle School, June 10-28, France/Italy.
McFarland: Jennifer Braun, McFarland High School, June 10-July 5, Spain.
Menomonee Falls: Amy Damato, New Berlin Eisenhower High School, June 17-July 12, Costa Rica; Jennifer Smith, Jefferson Middle School, June 10-28, Hungary.
Milwaukee: Martha Praefka, Australia; Arline Praefke, Fox Point/Bayside S.D., June 3-18, Australia.
Mondovi: Mary Krenz, Eau Claire Roosevelt School, New Zealand.
River Falls: Laura Brennan, May 6-31, France.
Neenah: Jennifer Karisny, Shattuck Middle School, June 10-28, New Zealand.
Sheboygan: Jane Boyer, Horace Mann Middle School, July 15, Costa Rica; Holly Hansen, Lincoln-Erdman Elementary, July 8-26, Australia.
Stoughton: Sherry Kay, Fox Prairie Elementary, Vanuatu, Southwest Pacific.
Sun Prairie: Cheri Bluel and Amy Chevalier, Sun Prairie High School, June 10-28, Hungary.
Wales: Cyndee Pinchard, Wales Elementary School, June 10-28, Ireland.
Tomah: Barbara Jadzinski, Tomah High School, June 10-28, Scotland.
Waunakee: Cindy Hellenbrand, Waunakee Public Schools, June 3-28, Ireland.


Apple Valley: Cynthia Dodge, Minneapolis Howe Elementary School, England.
Eagan: Ann Wacek, Rahn Elementary School, July 15-Aug. 2, New Zealand.
Minnetonka: Carol Walter, Edinbrook Elementary School, Brooklyn Park, June 10-28, Hong Kong.
Rochester: Dale Sproule, Grand Meadow School District, June 4-26, France.
Roseville: Karen Dudley, Johnson Senior High, St. Paul, June, Thailand & India.
St. Paul: Kathryn Birch, Hayden Heights Elementary, St. Paul, July 8-Aug. 2, Sweden; Catriona Moore, Hayden Heights Elementary, St. Paul, New Zealand.

Woodstock: Robert Teuber, Dean Street Elementary, June 17-July 26, New Zealand.

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